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The art of handbags has always been around the craftsmanship and design sensibilities of modern need and functionality. With creative aspirations for the brand, Sanetti has been brought about by putting together the ethnic roots of embroidery from a variety of cultures.
After a qualifying session, which saw him lose pole position to Rosberg in Germany, could Lewis Hamilton win the race on Sunday? Read on to find out more.
Participated Ronaldo, who led Portugal to their first title in the Euro Cup this year, after being crowned earlier in the same year the Champions League with Real Madrid, on Sunday Boxer Irish Conor McGregor star "UFC" in his training yesterday in Las Vegas, US.
Comparing the Character James Bond with the elements that make up the coldness of the ISIS should be changed into a more unilateral way of saving the world by someone who has heart and love of country. While it is stated that Mr. Bond has love of country but shows no remorse for pulli...
There is a disturbing trend of allegations of serious sex offences being made against innocent people on social media. And the even more disturbing trend of people believing them.
Another fascinating arts showcasing the winners on a recent contest hosted by the author's own group.
Who invented the pen and when?! Story of one of the famous inventors
Patty Duke was the first celebrity to admit to having mental health issues, a bold move at the time. I suffer from the same illness, and it was Patty, during an interview, who made me feel I wasn't alone.
just a few words of grattitude to stars no longer with us
A compilation of the American Idol Winners and the songs they've come out with.
On January 21st Google reminded us that it was Lola Flores's 93 birth anniversary, but who was Lola Flores? Read to know a bit of her.
The article speaks about great acting prospect of actor Abhishek Bacchan. On his birthday everyone wishes him best luck.
music review of the the Canadian R&B singer , Tesfaye and his album Beauty Behind the Madness
When life is to touch the sky, then maybe somewhere else get the idea.You must have seen many times this happens frequently occurred.
It's December again and it's time for the 41st Metro Manila Film Festival. It however has never been this controversial. It could be due to a lot of firsts - first Aldub big screen offering, first MMFF for Jadine, first MMFF for the new Chairman and so on.
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