A Rapper Just Made An Album That Is Much More Than a Rap Album

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A thoughtful look into a highly anticipated album and how it could make or break a young musician's career.

The Break Out

Chance the Rapper bust onto the rap scene when he released his popular Acid Rap mixtape in 2013. While it was already his second mixtape release, Acid Rap launched Chance the Rapper's name into the conversation of one of the most promising young rappers. He was new and different and people loved it. Acid Rap was universally acclaimed and was often listed as one of the top albums of 2013, and even was nominated for Best Mixtape of the Year at the BET Awards. He provided the rap scene with a twist on an old style. His smooth rhymes and execution constantly had you grooving along even if you didn't notice. His psychedelic beats and backgrounds blend well with his unique voice. And to top it off, it was a near perfect mix of features and individual records. If you needed to listen to one song to get a sense of what Chance the Rapper was, Juice showcases the wide range of characters that he brings into each track. Juice has everything Chance embodies, a catchy hook, brilliant lyrics, comedy, and his many personalities. He gained a large following and people were sitting on the edge of their seats to see what he put out next.

Since 2013

Chance the Rapper continued to feed people's desire for new songs throughout the next two years after 2013. Chance the Rapper has always been "out there" but some of the tracks he released were question and seemed confused. When you listen to his music and watch his interviews, you can tell he is the type of person that has a million thoughts a minute. This showed in his new music after Acid Rap. At times it seemed like he had some many ideas that he just threw them all together at once, it was hard for the listener to follow. He had a few successes as a featured artist, but none really gained the acclaim that Acid Rap received.

This being said, Chance still remained near the top of the rap game because of the success of his mixtape. In 2014, he was listed as on of XXL Magazine's Freshmen list. An exclusive list that showcases the promising newcomers to the rap industry. This helped him continue to be relevant and in the limelight until 2015 when he was listed as one of the Top 30 under 30 in Music list. He was later invited to give a lecture at the Harvard University's HipHop Archive and Research Institute, proving once again that he is a respected mind in the industry. Chance must have been so busy during this time because he still hadn't put out a follow-up album.

Surf by Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment

When it was announced that Chance would follow-up Acid Rap with not his own album but one with a band that he wasn't even the headliner of, people were worried. It seemed like he would become just another rapper that showed tons of promised but could never really got to that next level. On the surface, this seemed like he was backing away from the success of Acid Rap because he was nervous he would under-perform. Hiding behind a band name that wasn't recognizable to the larger rap community. It seemed like he was giving up on himself.

The band, Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment was mysterious and no one really knew what it would be like. Before it was released, their first album, Surf, was to be a genre-bending experience in music.

And Surf delivers just that. The jazzy sound of the band pairs well Chance's personality. Its upbeat, light, snappy. It rings like a true summertime album. Chance brings in on the tracks he raps on, but then are others that don't have a single word where the star is the music. In your first few listens, you can never predict when Chance will show up. He disappears for songs and verses at a time, and it works. The album also is loaded with star studded features, but they are well place and offer a nice complement so you don't get bored of hearing only Chance's voice. One of the best things about the features is that they are not listed in the tracklist, you have to LISTEN to the songs to hear the guest verses. This is cool because you can only pick out the featured artists if you are familiar with them, it adds a bit of a "scavenger hunt" feel.

What results from Surf, is a realization that Chance the Rapper is much more than just that, a rapper. Even though he excels at rapping on this album, he transcends his name. He shows that he is much more than just a rapper, he sings, he orchestrates, and brings together a band to make great music. He should change his name to Chance the Musician.


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