A Word about Theodore Dreiser: Writer par excellence

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Theodore Dreiser was an American novelist who lived an unconventional life. he wrote extensively and has left behind books that portray realism.

A Writer who portrayed Everyday life and emotion

Theodore Dreiser whose full name is Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser is an American writer. He is a writer whose life spanned two centuries having been born in 1871 and died in 1945.Dreiser belongs to the Naturalist school of writers. Naturalist school believes in projecting realism in their books and concerns everyday reality.

This movement flourished from the 1880s to the 1940s. One of the defining characteristics of realism is pessimism. This theme pervades most of Dreiser’s novels.
Dreiser wrote extensively. Perhaps his novels were an extension of his life and depict characters that succeed in life despite the obstacles surrounding them.

Oneof his more famous novels is “Jennie Gerhardt”. He wrote it in 1911 and the book will still interest readers though more than a hundred years have elapsed. Dreiser himself led a life which mirrors his books. He married Sarah White in 1893 but separated in 1909, but they never divorced. He had live in relationships with three other women, one of who was his cousin who he first met in 1919. He married her in 1944 and died a year later. His relationship, a sexual one with his cousin was not looked at favourably in society. But perhaps he loved her too much as after a affair lasting a quarter of a century he married her just before his death

Dreiser was a trail blazer and had a battle with the censors who could not understand his depiction of sexual promiscuity in his books. Theodore wrote 10 novels which are listed below
Sister Carrie (1900)
Jennie Gerhardt (1911)
The Financier (1912)
The Titan (1914)
The "Genius" (1915)
Free and Other Stories (1918)
An American Tragedy (1925)
Chains: Lesser Novels and Stories (1927)
The Bulwark (1946)
The Stoic (1947)
They are worth reading.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
1st Jul 2014 (#)

Good recap of Dreiser's life and novels. Thank you Madan.

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author avatar Ptrikha
1st Jul 2014 (#)

Another sample of great and diversified writing from your stable!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Jul 2014 (#)

Good to read about the life of this writer. I had not heard of him - siva

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
1st Jul 2014 (#)

Interesting post and well written!

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
2nd Jul 2014 (#)

Similarities between Titan and Titanic are chilling. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
16th Jul 2014 (#)

as always Madan...you bring a page to life...

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