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Do you have a passion for fashion? I do and I love keeping up with fashion, what to wear and what is all new in stores. So check it out.


Today's world is all about fashion, 'die young, stay pretty' as a lot of designers say.
I love shopping, I do admit I am a shopaholic but I can say it and I am proud of it.
So I thought I would share my passion with you guys, to let you know how to keep up with the Fashion industry, even though it is changing every minute. I will also let you in on some secrets of mine, and a little history about fashion.

Blasing Fasion.

It is hard I know, but lets try and keep it as simple as possible.

How to keep up with fashion:
A few ways to keep up with fashions are, to buy all the magazines and stay update when the new magazines come out. Make sure you go search online for example, H&M, D&G, CHANEL, EONLINE, TMZ. Everywhere from designers to celebrities, they will show you what to wear or what not to wear.
Fashion show's and runways are also very helpful, fahsion blog spots.
Yes so don't panic just yet, there are many places online and around you. Even when you are out shopping or just walking around have a look at people, what are they wearing, what colours seem to showing it self. What are people wearing, young people, older people. You will learn a lot from this. So give them all a try.

My secrets:
Even though some things from my closet are many years old, it is still usable. Believe me, I don't grow I haven't grown in years don't ask me why. So for me I have been so lucky that the expensive clothes I bought when I was younger I can still where. The old D&G shirts and T-shirts the see threw kind of ones, if you remember they were written with D&G and see threw a bit. Anyway's I bought about 4 different kind of blacks. Back then I used to wear it with a cute colour underneath, now a days I wear it underneath a white cardigan, so you can only see it stick out at the bottom of the cardigan. If you get what I mean. Moving on, UGG boots, still own a few pair of them brown, dark brown and black. Fold them up or down, doesn't matter they are still fashionable the day today.
My point is I am trying to tell you whatever old that you own, don't worry it will either come back, just like the loose shirts, and now men shirts are back on the scene.
Try to change it, so you wear it differently, not too different that you look weird but change it up.
And as people say, accessories make an outfit. Try and get lots of accessories in their, i love scarf's, I have them in many colours I wear them and it just makes the outfit look a little bit more filling. It's hard for me to explain when I don't know what you like to wear, so any question, please don't hesitate to ask me.

A little Fashion Blashing:
Fashion is everywhere, but it is important to know the seasons in fashion.
You all know about spring/summer and fall/winter, it is common sense most of it.
Spring fashion, which is normally from January until June and the next is fall which is July untill December. Keep up with it, because that is when you should be shopping for the newest fashion in stores.

Most mothers knows what this is, because this is when their kids beg them to go to the mall. Yes, it is mostly back to school clothing, for people that don't go to school. You will realize that it is long sleeves, warm clothing and you will notice colours are becoming more calm. Obviously common sense, because winter is coming our way.

Yes I love it, this is bikini time, beach clothes and lots of wonderful colours to play around with. I always say don't panic when you see spring coming around the corner because it will change before it hits summer. Well again common sense not hard to keep up with.

Seasonless Dressing, is a new kind of thing that designers are putting their attention too, Knit wear came on the scene, and has been very popular (still is). BUT this seasonless dressing is, that what you wear for summer maybe can become all year around clothes, they are actually saying you can wear the same sort of clothes all year around because now a days, people have heated houses, go straight from the car to the mall. Or the other way around, you have air condition at work so you can wear a cute knitted sweater with a cute skirt in mid summer season. Cool right?

Last but not least:
Don't forget, FASHION WEEK!
It happens two times a year, normally in September and in February. It is like a holiday for fashion lovers. The whole reason why they make fashion week, is to get the word out there and let people see the new designs or labels which is on the market.
A little reminder, Now I hope for sure you guys like the leopard trend, because this year it is hitting the stores like never before. I can't believe it, but you can get anything you like in leopard.
Scarf's, hat's, shirt's, bath ropes, shoes, jeans and pencil cases. I can keep going on and on about this. So if you don't own any leopard get going.

If you actually ended up reading all of this, then good for you and thank you very much. I hope it helped you a bit, any questions just let me know.
Buy it, wear it, love it.


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I was born in Denmark, lived in canada for 3 years, now living in Turkey, with my lovely boyfriend and our dog. I looove writing about anything that comes to my mind.

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author avatar DevikaPrimic
12th Nov 2010 (#)

I don't follow fashion but good ideas

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author avatar Denise O
17th Nov 2010 (#)

I hear ya, my daughter has stayed the same size since she was 16.
All those wonderful clothes we bought her, are still used 10 years later.
As my daughter always says
"Mama, it's all in the accessories" and she is right.
Good piece of work.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
8th Mar 2011 (#)

Good ideas.
Fashion is a compassion, nowadays.

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