Altered Perceptions of Beauty a Hollywood Tragedy

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Are stars going overboard in Hollywood with plastic surgery to remain on their acting throne?

Establishing yourself in Hollywood

Imagine getting that all important phone call from your agent telling you the role of your dreams has arrived! The next day you graciously accept and crunch time for research has begun. Some actors look pretty much the same in everything they do but a lot are willing to make changes to their appearances to fully own it on screen. How far would you go? I would cut my hair and color it without a blink of an eye, if it meant my looks would be realistic for the role. I would even gain or lose weight or get buff. If makeup prosthetics were needed, I would use them. Sometimes even the tiny nuances can make a huge difference in visual perceptions by an audience. Many people use natural voice modulation by mimic techniques. You have to be willing to do things out of your comfort zone, in my opinion, if you are going to make it onto the big screen and stay there for years to come. There is, however, one thing I would never do for the sake of securing a job and that is plastic surgery.

Staying current with esthetics

It is one thing to have a cosmetic procedure done for your own personal self esteem but if you thought you had to do it in order to stay working my advice is to find another line of work. Today, make up techniques are absolutely fabulous. You can change your race, gender, age, etc. using all the contemporary makeup artistry right now. There is no need to go under the knife, unless you really want to. With blue screen technology, you don't even have to have makeup on. A layer of animation is placed over you and computerized to make you look however the storyline dictates. I think it is pretty wild. It saves people from going to the extreme, when they want to land their most beloved parts in movies. You see, age does not have to be a determining factor, as far as appearance goes, to land roles in every circumstance. There is now more freedom here.

Pressure to remain youthful

Despite all the advances in film technology and makeup, there are loads of people still having procedures done for the sake of being famous in movies. One has to wonder how much of this is purely self motivational or how much pressure there is to remain "youthful", no matter the age of the person. There may not be someone telling these people to do anything with their appearance. Could it be one of those personal understood clauses between actors? After all, competition for jobs is mighty fierce in Hollywood. As with any job, you are going to have other people trying anything and everything to outshine you and take away your opportunity. Some people are willing to do anything and by that I mean having their faces "touched up" or their breasts enhanced to look vibrant, fresh, and young. Men are definitely not immune to this behavior either. What bothers me most is that facelifts used to be for people in their late sixties and older. Now, people in their thirties are having this done. Breast implants, as ugly as they are, get done on young women every day, particularly for those pursuing a vocation in the entertainment industry. The lip enhancements are really destroying good looks all over the world. The number of botched botox cases is climbing the charts on ugliness, folks. Sometimes, these procedures can be reversed but, sadly, sometimes they cannot or look even worse if they can be undone. There are many actresses once beautiful that now sport a carnival facade. I am no beauty queen but I would never place my face in jeopardy just to look like someone I cannot identify. I would pass up a contract with anyone if I was expected to change my appearance for them.

Embracing self worth inside and out

We all have times when we feel insecure about our looks. It has to be another phenomenon completely to have the world watch as you age on film. I am finding that the older I get, the more I am appreciating people who go out of their way to embrace themselves and promote aging. I think some women in their seventies look much more vibrant than those in their twenties and thirties, because they know the youth game. They have lived through all the trials of it, taken the flack, and have learned and grown from it all. Young women altering their appearances is a little frightening. Many go overboard with cosmetic procedures and regret it later. It is one thing to repair a broken nose, have your breasts reduced, and have other procedures to help you fix things. To do a major surgery because you are vain or in competition to look the best for other people is a major defeat for the human race and puts people under pressure to do it every day. For me, I will study my wrinkles, look at the plastic scene from a distance and be glad I have my original body print that was intended just for me.


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29th May 2011 (#)

Excellent. Amen to everything you say. Wonderful article.

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