Amy Acker - Root On Person Of Interest Wins Award - POI Cannot End In 2016

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Recently Amy Acker, who plays Root in Person Of Interest won the 2015 CHARACTER CUP WINNER: For her portrayal of SAMANTHA "ROOT" GROVES. This article from Spoiler TV only further proves that Person of Interest should not finish at the end of Season

Spoiler TV Shared These Words With the Person of Interest fans

"It's been 63 polls (plus extras), but we finally have a winner. Congratulations to Samantha "Root" Groves of Person of Interest, who also got the most votes of any contestant and was the only contestant to receive over 2,000 votes in each round. This makes Root the first female to ever win the Character Cup. She joins Jack from LOST and Dean and Castiel from Supernatural in our Hall of Retired Winners. Congratulations to Person of Interest fans, Shameless fans, and all other fandoms for supporting their favorites and helping to make this a record-breaking Character Cup."

Spoiler TV had much more to say about the awards themselves and what this might mean for Person of Interest fans.

Let's Fight To Keep Person Of Interest On The Air

This news reported above about Amy Acker's win is simply more proof that there are more Person of Interest fans out there than the TV networks realize. Never have I fought so hard to a show, like I am fighting for this show to have it's story told the way the creators intended. I want to see what is in their brain play out on my TV screen. And the TV Networks can do something about this, and it will benefit them greatly...they just do not know it yet.

And I will finish with an apology to any of my reader who are not Person of Interest fans, and simply say that I am sorry if my constant ranting about the fact that this awesome show might end in 2016, but if you have never watched an episode of Person of Interest, do yourself a huge favour and tune in.

A whole bunch of us are getting on Twitter and Facebook to campaign for another network to pick up the show. It is clear to many fans that CBS simply are not interested clearly because they do not own this show, only the rights to air it. Person of Interest is the best, most original, and unique show and television and it would be such a shame if Jonathon Nolan and Greg Plagemen did not get to tell the rest of this story that has been in their brains ever since Season one premiered.

People might tell you it is hopeless, however they would be wrong. Remember what Root said at the end of Season three about Pandora box. Well basically if opening Pandora's Box is a bad thing, the one thing that the machine told her they had left was hope. So we need to fight and write letter to Netflix, Warner Bros, WGN and any other network you think might be open to picking up this shows original episodes.

If you love Person of Interest, let me know in the comment and follow me over to Twitter and Facebook and help me fight for this show to continue so the fans can see what the creators had planned.

Part of this article is also published on Jel Writes and What's on the Box, my personal freelance website and a blog I created because I love to write about my favourite TV shows.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
11th Sep 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar Janelle Coulton
12th Sep 2015 (#)

Thank you Fern, Are you a POI fan?

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