An interview with Author of Fat Tuesday & Streakers, Gary Davison

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Gary Davison's second interview for the Struggling Authors website. Originally published in October 2009.

Gary Davison

Catch up...

We last spoke to you way back in January 2008 just before Fat Tuesday was originally due out. It’s now 18 months later and your second book, Streakers, is out and “available at all good book stores”. So, what has life been like since then?

Has it only been 18 months? Seems a lifetime ago Fat Tuesday came out! Life has been great, Richard, and from a writing point of view, I’ve loved every second of being published. From being on the radio, in the press, on websites, book signings, colleges, the whole thing has been a great experience. The biggest buzz of all, though, is knowing people are reading your books. Great feeling and hopefully it will continue.

Please tell us what it feels like to go onto Amazon etc. and see YOUR name and YOUR books up there? Do you find yourself going onto Amazon in the wee small hours to check that it’s real (or is that just what I would do?) Also, when you do a search on Amazon for your books, you're classed as the same category as Nick Hornby. How do you feel about this and have you read any of his work?

Of course I do! I’m one of ‘us’ and always will be. I’m on Amazon all the time and when one of my books shoots up the charts (okay, maybe not shoots, more like nudges up), I’m giddy as hell, thinking ‘Some complete stranger will be reading my book this weekend’.

It is amazing to think my story is available to buy, and sometimes you look back and can’t believe it. But it happened and I’m over the moon it did. The fact is, I was very fortunate, sort of right place right time. I’m self-taught, as you know from when we last had a chat. If I can sneak through the slush pile, believe me, anyone can.

Yeah it’s great to be mixing it with the likes of Nick Hornby. I’ve read quite a bit of his stuff and really liked it. I only wish I was mixing it with him on the promotional front too!

You have a three book deal with Paperbooks so, can you tell us anything about book number three…?

Well, this is a strange one. Whilst everything in the book world has been going on, I went back to what I love doing, which is writing. I love just writing what the hell I like. So I decided to be someone else. I decided to be twenty-two years old again. And I locked myself away again, like I did in the start, and in four weeks I popped my head up and had finished another novel. Now, I had no intention of showing this to anyone. And it felt great to be back writing for fun, not worrying that it could be sitting on the shelves in a few months. In the end I did show it to my editor, who raved about it, saying it was the best I’d ever wrote. I’ve since went undercover as my new alter ego on writing websites and I’m getting rave reviews. I’ve got to say I’m loving being back ‘in amongst it’ as much as being published. You can’t beat just writing for yourself.

Okay, where was I? Book number three. Yes, it’s under way, and I’m myself writing this, and it’s another comedy. This time the star of the show is a priest who is about to be ordained when he begins having sexual dreams. He starts doubting his faith and heads home from Spain to his dysfunctional family and a mystery lodger. Should be fun!

You still work part-time in the construction industry, at what point do you see yourself being able to hang up your theodolyte (do they still use those?) and write full time? And, is this something that you see yourself doing?

I don’t think so. I’m not keen to write for any longer than I already do. And neither is my wife in case I disappear into fiction forever. Although, I would like to write for film and I’m trying to muster some interest up in Streakers on that front. I know it’s a long shot, but you never know. I also love giving feedback to other authors. I’m on under my alias, and I really enjoy giving honest feedback because I can see my own writing in there a few years back.

Streaking up the charts...

In your latest book, Streakers, one of your heroes takes to running across the pitch in nothing but a ‘gimp’ mask. Gary , is this you? Are you living out your fantasy through the written word?

If only, have you read the description of this fellow? The Flash is a hero, and I’d love to be him, but unfortunately, I’m more like his side-kick. Maybe I’ll make this priest in the next book a real lady killer…

Finally, thanks for taking the time out to speak to us Gary. Your story is particularly relevant to us Struggling Authors as you were unpublished when we first spoke to you and now you have two books in the shops!

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