Betty White Avoiding The Plague Of Women Who Lunch

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I admire Betty White but there are times when her remarks about women reflect more the attitudes of an old Broadway play than they represent the thinking of women today.

How many women could brag that they hosted Saturday Night Live at 88!

How can anyone say anything bad about Betty White? She’s sweet, feisty, intelligent, warm, and funny. She doesn’t resort to vicious attacks about other women to make people laugh, and she ages with the ‘ages’ in the sense that Betty White is always relevant.

I’m old enough to remember the Betty White Show (a show she hosted and produced) and I watched it until it went off the air. It was a variety show and was a good showcase for Betty’s comedic and acting talents.

For me Betty White was the kind of the woman I’d want as a girlfriend, confident, next door neighbor, or lunch companion.

Over the years, I watched her guess people’s identify on What’s My Line?, see if she could discover who was lying on To Tell The Truth, and how long it would take her to guess the hidden agendas on I’ve Got a Secret.

But my favorite role that she played (and one that I think captured a bit of her real personality) was that of The Happy Homemaker, Sue Ann Nivons. I loved The Mary Tyler Moore Show and when Sue Ann joined the company, it was a dream sit-com cast. .

The Golden Girls series I was less enthused about: Golden Girls was a show about four widowed women in their “golden years” and it just wasn’t my ‘cup of tea.’

Through the years I watched her as a guest celebrity on Password, and in 1963 I was thrilled (after two failed marriages) that she seemed to have the love of her life when she married the shows’ host Allen Ludden. (Allen Ludden died in 1981 of bladder cancer.)

Awards too numerous to mention, but I’ll mention a few
Betty White has won seven Emmy Awards, three American Comedy Awards (including a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1990), and two Viewers for Quality Television Awards.

She was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 1995 and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame alongside the star of her late husband Allen Ludden.

Betty White can do no wrong in my eyes. She is the kind of woman who will never ‘grow old’. She continues to work in an industry with zero tolerance for older women, and she manages to prevail.

How many women could brag that they hosted Saturday Night Live at age eighty-eight!

Betty I love ya, but I have a small bone to pick with you.
What were you thinking when you said in the article “Wild and Wise” in the November/December issue of More Magazine that ‘…as much as I love my friends (you were speaking of Rue McClanahan)…I wouldn’t think of going out to lunch with a woman. I can’t think of anything less interesting, except hen parties and showers---and I avoid them like the plague.”

Ouch. When I read that I had to put the magazine down to get my bearings.
This is 2011 isn’t? Betty White is talking about women today and not the women portrayed in Claire booth Luce’s play, “The Women.”

I cannot believe, Betty White successful woman, talented actress and comedienne that there are women that you’d not want to have lunch with?

My goodness, that comment would suggest that you prefer the company of men to women, and that women are not intellectually up to par to their male counterparts.

Oh surely, you didn’t meant it to sound that way!
I’m so upset that I’m grasping at straws.

Maybe you were a little confused and were thinking of the time your best friend Rue McClanahan played Countess De Lage in the Stage on Screen revival of The Women and you were thinking about how women felt about other women at that time, and not what women of today thought.

“The Women” a 1936 play by Clare Boothe Luce (and later revived in 2008) depicted a stereotypical view of women; a time of hen parties and showers, but today’s reality reflects women who lunch are just as likely to talk about “hen’ parties being in The House,(Of Represenatives) and “showers’ turning into downpours of cyclonic proportions (Meteorololgist) than they are talking about the new color of lipstick or nail polish.

Betty, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming that you meant nothing disparagingly about that remark.

You were quoted (like I’m doing) out of context, and you really didn’t mean that women today are so shallow and talk of nothing but hen parties and showers and you ‘avoid these women like the plague.”

Tell me this, Betty White, so I can go back to admiring you like I did before; or, if you did mean it just the way you said it, I’ll select the next option: selective amnesia.
I'll wipe out the traumatic event, (Your More Magazine response) and the other recollections (who and what you are) will remain intact.

Hell, it worked for rats.


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One thing about Betty White she has managed her career brilliantly.

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