Bill Gates who changed the Computing World,the world Richest Man

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This Article is about bill Gates. There are very interesting Facts about bill gates,which you will love to read.

Bill Gates - Richest and Wealthiest

Name : William Henry Bill Gates
Date of Birth : 28th October, 1955
Birth Place : Seattle,Washington
Individual Property : 61 Billion Dollar

What i introduced about Bill Gates to you? The Microsoft Company,as everyone knows,was Founded by him. He is such a person who took his Microsoft Company from 0 to Top. In the World,he has Donated lots of money.He keeps on Donating for poor people,for children and he has couple of his Foundation which his Melinda runs. He is the Only Man who remained the Richest Man in the World for so many year. He has a huge attraction towards India too.

Lets see some of the interesting facts of Bill Gates,which we all don't know.

(1) Bill Gates Father's name is William H Gates, while his Mother name is Maxwell Gates.
(2) Bill's Father was an Advocate, while his Mother was Board of Director of a Company.
(3) Bill Gates Married Melinda in the Year 1994.Bill met Melinda in the Conference of Microsoft Company. She was also Working there. They Both have 2 Daughter and 1 Son.
(4) Bill Gates Wrote his First Computer Program in School itself. The Program was related to the timetable of his class. Bill Sold that Program for 2400$. After hat,he wrote another program,by which a Game could be played.
(5) Bill Gates has an I.Q of 160.
(6) The Salary of Bill Gates,every Second is 250 Dollar. The Debt which the American Government has is of 5.62 Trillion Dollar and Bill Gates won't take more than 10 Years to Give the Debt.
(7) Bill Gates, along with Steve Ballmer,has started the Microsoft Company in the Poker Room of Harvard University.
(8) Bill Gates's Microsoft Company is the World No.1 in Software Industry.
(9) He Left his Education in the Middle of his College Also he told his Professor that he would a Billionaire till he reaches the age of 30. And this was true,when he became the Billionaire,his age was 31.
(10) Bill Gates was been Declared 14 times, The Richest Man in the World from year 1995 to year 2009.
(11) He has left his CEO Job in 2009 from his own Microsoft Company and took his Concentration in Donation. They have Established one Foundation for the Needy people which is called ' Melinda & Gates Foundation.
(12) Bill Gates has wrote 2 Books and has worked in many Documentary films.
(13) He is Fond of playing Golf and He loves to Drive his Mercedes.
(14) In Free,he loves to read books which can give him Old Information about the Particular things.
(15) He want to discover the Medicine of Malaria and for this Discovery he has donated lot of money to the Organization.
(16) The Scientific Writing of Leonardo da Vinci which is of 72 Pages,which is called "Codec Leicester" is with Bill Gates


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