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A short biography of two indian scientists,whose names are Aryabhata I and asvin Kumars.

Aryabhata I and asvin Kumars

Aryabhata I (Astronomer)
Aryabhata was a great astronomer who wrote Aryabhatiya in 499 A.D. It was translated into Arabic in about 800 A.D. under the title Zil-al-Arjabhar. He stated that the earth is a sphere and it rotates on its axis. He described the true theory of the cause of the lunar and solar eclipses and said that eclipses were not caused by 'Rahu' but by the shadow of earth and moon. He also laid the foundation of algebra and made many new observations in geometry.
Asvin Kumars (Physician)
Twin sons of Vivaswat and Saranyu, Asvins were celebrated as 'divine physicians' of Vedic period. Rig Veda abounds in citations of their medical skill and benevolent deeds. Their skill in therapeutics and surgery is the theme of more than 50 hymns of Rig Veda. They were celebrated for the skill of restoring youth to old, curing the sick, weak, blind and the lepers.They were probably the actual human physicians, who became deified because of their extraordinary skill and unfailing kindness. In addition to Ayurveda they learnt 'Madhuvidya' the science of restoring the dead to life from sage Dadhichi.


Astronomer, Physician

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