Caring For The People Has Nothing To Do With Politics

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How can anyone think that caring for the people of the United Kingdoms and politics go hand in hand. They Do Not. I do not like the inference that Prince Charles is meddling in politics when he is only taking a stand for the environment, its people and ways to make Great Britain a nation for the helping of people. Leave him alone and let him help where he can. He wants to help the people live a better life.

Is Being Concerned About The People Political

Why are you attacking Prince Charles for wanting to help people by educating them? Does these corporations or government really care about the people as he does. I think not. He has not went into government policies other than to try to help where he can, his people who he will someday be king over. Why would you want to discredit the man for caring about the education of his fellow people. Do you have something to hide perhaps?

The Environment Is Everyone's Concern

With global warming happening do you expect him to sit back and not care? You make him out as if all he has to do is sit back on his duff and not care that the world is facing a crisis in our existence. What do you take him for a nincompoop? No I would dare to say that he actually cares for his people as a true Future King would. Don't mistake love of his world for meddling in politics. And why are You concerned? Has he stepped on a few political toes that don't care enough for the people, their education and continued environmental issues? I think you protest too much.

Caring Versus Politics

I don't know which rock you crawled out of but I know Prince Charles is not politically inclined. That he cares about his people is Obvious to a child, let alone grown people who know whats what and don't want these big corporations taking away the little bit they do have. This man cares about the environment, its people, how they live, what they need to know. So How can you Dare to say he is meddling in politics when all he is doing is trying to care for his Queen's Realms? You best cease and desist with your false accusations before you get the people angry over what You are doing or trying to do to the public and their world.

Big Business Versus The People

These big corporations are trying to get away with destroying the earth, its environment and virtually enslave the people to low paying jobs because greedy little people like you are trying to say Prince Charles is meddling in politics because he won't let you run rough shod over his fellow man? I feel he must be applauded for such actions, not belittled. So don't go trying to say he's meddling in politics when he is actually trying very hard to curb these giant corporations from destroying what little freedom we the people have. You go too far this time. Leave my Prince alone. He is trying to help his world, its people and the freedom we have won from colossal idiots like Big Money and Deep Pockets.

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author avatar timwilliams
12th Aug 2013 (#)

this is great. Love it thanks

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author avatar Mariah
12th Aug 2013 (#)

Well done for speaking out when you feel passionately of unjust criticism.
I agree with you in that Prince Charles genuinely cares about these issues GB.
Well written and well said my friend.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
13th Aug 2013 (#)

Here here , from me also dear Rose .There are too many who have nothing better to do with their time than to tear the Prince down . I am glad we have a voice in high places than can speak out for the masses whose voices would never be heard .
Well said my friend .
Bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Aug 2013 (#)

It is good that a person of his stature opens up about issues that concern us all and takes the bull by the horns. Thanks for speaking out GB - siva

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author avatar Trillionaire
15th Aug 2013 (#)

Great article. Thanks

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