Celebrities are not so perfect after all

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The thing is that all celebrities work hard to be what they are, and of course, they get expensive procedures to look more beautiful. Here you will read what those tricks are.


Every now and then, when we see famous people on TV, we think to ourselves “I wish I had that guys teeth” or “I wish I was skinny like her”. We feel jealous and think that they got lucky to be born this way. Sometimes we even think that celebrities are not regular people like the rest of us and that we cannot be like them or have what they have. No need to feel bad about yourself, because celebrities are the same as you and me or anybody else for that matter.

Make up

When you see an actress in her fifties and she doesn't have any imperfection on her face, you have to wonder how this is possible. Before appearing on a public meeting, every celebrity visits a professional makeup artist that can make your grandma look like she is forty five. Besides hiring a professional makeup artist, the makeup itself that they use is the most expensive kind that most of us can’t afford.


Every celebrity spends a lot of time working on their tan to achieve the desirable color. Try and search the web to find a picture of any singer when he didn't get tanned and you will see that he is more or less the same like you. Some celebrities that are in there fifties look like they are thirty because God made them this way. I‘m just kidding of course, God didn't make them this way, plastic surgeons did. Every celebrity at a certain age gets their face “done” by a plastic surgeon so that they don’t have wrinkles. Operations like face-lifts or Botox are favorite procedures of famous people because they make them look younger. The only difference between us and them is that they can afford this.


When you see an interview in a magazine about a celebrity who lost twenty five pounds in a week you get amazed. And that celebrity is saying things like “it was hard”, “I didn't eat anything” or “I worked out a lot”… Maybe he or she did work out a lot but also he or she did a liposuction. A liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure that shapes and thins your body by removing fat. These procedures are also very expensive and famous people do them more than once in a lifetime.


Many times, I myself got embarrassed when I saw some celebrity’s smile. I thought that I didn't do something right when it comes to brushing my teeth. Some people have natural a discoloration of teeth and no matter how good their oral hygiene is, this problem cannot be fixed. But then I wondered “how come none of the celebrities has yellow teeth?” The answer is teeth whitening. This is a common procedure that is available to anyone. Even your dentist can probably do it. By bleaching your teeth, you can restore your teeth to their natural color, but when you whiten them, the white color more intense. Some celebrities do not have good teeth and they use a snap on smile to get the desired effect.


How is it possible that every celebrity has the whole package (when it comes to body)? Well most of them don’t, so they put implants to hide their flaws. Lips, breasts, legs and even our bottom can be re-shaped, enlarged, reduced… Anything you want, for the right price, of course.


I think you get the picture of what I was trying to say here. Everyone is the same “regular people” and celebrities. Celebrities just know to hide their imperfections very well. So, next time when you are sitting in front of the TV feeling bad about yourself, think of what I have told you today. Of course, the fact that you don’t have money for expensive plastic surgery doesn't mean that you should not work on your looks. Get up from you chair and start doing something for yourself, and stop occupying yourself with someone else’s life.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
21st May 2014 (#)

Now I am an NZ Celebrity with a perfect figure and honestly the skin care I do is a steam and aloe with face packs. My teeth are my own and no veneers on them either and yes, I had a inner lip job to separate my lip from the gum after a childhood accident that nearly cost me my life. I have my scars on face and yes my breasts and bottoms are proportionate to my body and are still god given .
I am a model, actress and a well known writer known amongst a wide range of international famous names and some of them my friends too. Have a Perfect 10 figure too without rigourous diets and incidentally ate Pa Thai today too. No gym either, just home workout.... Take care....

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
21st May 2014 (#)

I do my own make up. But do have my stylist if required for touch ups. They just do my eye make up that is all. I do the rest of it and get the even shading done. Was trained by a very good friend of mine. Its only when I am in a group public appearance or performing or in photoshoots, not otherwise. Many have seen me without make up too.... My skin is flawless and its based on what I eat and drink.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
21st May 2014 (#)

Well I think you need to join me to see the true life of being a celebrity, we are normal people and with normal needs and as far as the kin colour goes, you are what you eat and for the rest there is photoshop....

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
21st May 2014 (#)

BTW, was out with couple of celebrity bloggers today and we were taking about the famous Brazalian celebrity blogger and his strategies on how to engage people. None the less, take care, my offer is open any time you are in Auckland, NZ. Will show you other parts of the world when I start travelling around.

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