Celebrity fashion is over-rated

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Fashion created by celebrities is put on the market at extortionate prices. This is an article about why I do not buy celebrity fashion or perfumes in shops.

Highly priced

I had a look in Posh Spices online shop. The prices were rather expensive, even though in one of her books 'that extra half an inch' (19919,2007) she claims that 'looking good isn't about money, it's about style...' (p.6).

While I agree with this statement. It is about style and everyone has different styles Its that statement 'looking good isn't about money' what I disagree with. Not everybody has money to throw away on clothes, and not everyone can pay a fortune out on clothes in todays world.


Look up some celebrity pictures on the web when they are not on stage and you will find they are wearing ordinary, every day clothes, like Jeans, T shirts, skirts etc. However check out some well known celebrity shops and you will find the prices are. rather high. I checked out victoria beckhams shop online, and compared it with another shop I shop regularly at, the price difference was rather large. One pair of jeans cost £250, a pair similar was £30 in my regular shop. The only difference was in the label.

Its not about labels. It is about quality!

I have bought some really lovely quality clothes from my local stores. Some have cost me less than £20, and they have lasted me years. However, I have, in the past also bought top labels which have been highly expensive, and faded, torn easily and fallen apart in the washing machine. When I look for clothes, I look for quality as well as wether or not 'I' like it. I don't do trends, if I like it, it's worth it. However one may as well throw money down the toilet and pull the flush, if one is going to buy expensive clothing just for them to fall apart. You can get many nice clothes without sticking to 'labels.' You just have to look around, and avoid the high-sellers, which won't do the purse strings any good.

Some celebrity clothing are sold at other high retailers, not just their websites. Be aware, if you research, you'll find there is very little differences in the prices.

Most of the clothes celebrities wear are sold at cheaper shops.

Look around. On the cover of the book in front of me, Victoria is wearing a stripy jumper. I can get that same jumper most likely cheaper than what she paid, from my local high street store. You will find many clothes celebrities wear are also sold at cheaper shops. They might be slightly different material, but still the same quality and your bank balance will thank you!

A message to clothes lovers

I hope my article has helped and reassured you with regards to buying clothes. The number one rule is don't follow trends. They are designed to make you spend more. Look around you, even Asda has some nice clothes. It's about dressing as you like and having fun with fashion. Not breaking the bank. It is fun, to have money left after shopping.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
14th Jun 2015 (#)

I have my own designer brand and wear a particular designer brand too. While they may be a little expensive, the after sales service is a lot better as I get 2 years warranty on the clothes including maintenance of the garment. Now I am not going going to change your mind but I know what to buy designer and how to mix and match on regular clothing. When you are famous, you don't have the privilege like what common people have to walk on the street and into a shop choosing your clothes and then paying the minimum and walking out without getting noticed.
I do that in NZ as I earned my privacy and have a great time playing dress up teasing with regular people and stuff just for the fun of it. I am design particular, if you don't have it, I don't get it and its not about the brand but the design, style etc. It has to be essentially me.
I am a real-life celebrity, an upcoming music artist, a well-known writer, a model and an actress with my own designer range which is reasonable for regular wear and tear and use too. So if you don't like style and comfort and only look at it from the money aspect, I leave you to your way of life as you are entitled to it. You are what you wear, I am smart, sophisticated elegant and leave jeans just for the weekend if not on call for my couture side.

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author avatar Butterfly38
14th Jun 2015 (#)

You can get style and comfort without breaking the bank too! Everybody likes those things. While I get where your coming from, many 'common' people (and yes if you like that name, I'm proud to be common!), like to look good also, but just cannot afford the high prices of celebrity style. Everybody is unique, and no body should have to feel pressured into wearing 'branded clothing' that breaks the bank, when they can create style cheaper.

And on that note, I've had some great quality fashion as stated in my article (and I like style too!) from places like Matalan, New Look, Primark, Asda and these have lasted me many many years.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
14th Jun 2015 (#)

I am a British Model who lives in NZ and the reigning FOG UK Miss India too.

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author avatar Butterfly38
14th Jun 2015 (#)

There are also many models who model clothes that cost less and still look good too. I wanted to do modelling at one point in my life, but I am not the kind of lady who likes to look good just for other people and the sake of modelling clothes I've been told to wear. I like my freedom too much for that. I am unique and I have my own hair, makeup and fashion styles. Call it what you want, but living the high life is not my style

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author avatar snerfu
14th Jun 2015 (#)

I like clothes. I wear them most of the time.

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author avatar BNelson
14th Jun 2015 (#)

I prefer to shop at locally owned stores, not big chains, you can get more unique things there, but yes buying what celebrities wear is silly.

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author avatar Carol Roach
16th Jun 2015 (#)

yes the cheaper clothes that look like the originals are called knock offs, but so many people want that darn label. I am with you though it is just a waste of money

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