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This is a case study on how coach Knight changed the view on sports.


Coach Knight

Born on 25th Oct 1940, Robert Montgomery famously known by his nickname “Coach Knight” is retired basketball coach in the United States of America. Before his retirement coach knight had taken the opportunity to coach several university teams such as the Army, Indiana Hoosiers, and Texas tech. At the time Knight coached Indiana he got the chance to lead the team to three National Collegiate Athletic Association championships, eleven big ten conference championships, and one national invitation championship. This is a great deal in the sporting community and for that he was awarded the national coach of the year awards and other awards. Knight was one of the most successful college basketball coaches after making it to the hall of fame and popularizing his career. Having had a clean record on his team members made him more popular since most of his players always graduated with a clean records and none of them ever got a violation record. However, on the other side he was once arrested for throwing a chair across the field during a game, but his actions never affected his team’s performance.

In this case study, we will be able to see how coach knight influenced his students and how his advices got to change their lives in different ways. One of the reasons why coach Knight was such a success id because of how he used to put his trust in his team members and no matter what he knew that the final decision of the game was to be made by the effort and teamwork of his players. Unlike most coaches who only force the team to do what they want without regarding what the team thinks, is right. As a leader knight knew the face and tone he was supposed to use on his team, being harsh and strict to the player does not mean that they will perform well on their game. As a matter of fact before a coach gets to shout to his players or giving them advice they should know that also the players are watching them and judging them even if they will not be in a position to point out the mistakes the coach does from time to time. According to Mike Krzyzewski who was one of the coach Knights favorite students and friend, he explains how being a team is more than just having the pleasure of playing together and saying that for people to actually be able to play together and fully trust each other they must first be able to take each other as a family and put each other’s trust as if they were family bound by blood. In this is evident that it is the reason Coach Knight and Mike Krzyzewski had so much success in their coaching skills since they all believed in the brotherhood when it came to coaching and running a team.

In this case study, both Coach Knight and Mike Krzyzewski had the chance to go pro and work for big companies and also have a chance to coach the NBA but they all declined the offer. Mike Krzyzewski was offered $40 million for him to go and coach Lakers of which he denied the mind blowing offer. However, he had his own reasons for denying the offer since he knew that was a job which required great power and with great power comes great responsibilities, for Coach Mike Krzyzewski these responsibilities were too much for him and he was a bit afraid of becoming a disappointment to the NBA society. According to Mike Krzyzewski most players in the NBA do not go through the necessary training they need before going pro and that is one of the biggest issues which he thinks will affect the NBA since many players just come from the street and play for the money and not for the passion they have for the game unlike the players who are taken through the right procedure and taught all about making a perfect team. Mike Krzyzewski being mentored by Knight had to follow what he was taught since everyone knew Knight to be one of the most talked about coach in basketball and for one to have been coached by him was a big deal.

After analyzing this case, there are various changes that I strongly see would be done to make coaching more efficient. First, for Coach Mike Krzyzewski to be successful in the big leagues that is NBA he should have first looked at the achievements he has done and the people he has mentored from universities and see if he had the power to bring the same impact to other people who already had made it in NBA. For one to be successful in anything they are doing they must be able to set up a long-term goal make sure they make a list of the things they should be doing every day until they get to the point they want. This is one of the best ways Coach Mike Krzyzewski would have used to influence his players and make them have the right focus and getting them ready to face all obstacles that would come to them in the future. The main reason for coming up with this long term goal for the team is to give them the right attitude and to make them believe in themselves and the team. According to Mike Krzyzewski view of making a great team the coach does not have to be uptight for people to know that he is doing his job but be open to his team and listen to them and opinions and make sure he does all he can to give the players what they request for so as they can play better in future.

Marketing is one essential way to come up with a successful business. However, sports cannot be termed as business but for them to be successful and get the votes, fans and supporters they need to sustain their players needs they need to market their team for them to get all that. In the case of basketball, they have to prove themselves worth in the field for donors to come forward and invest their money on them. In this case we can say that sportsmanship is the key product which investors are supports to consider before making a move. Many investors look at how good the players of a team are and the popularity of their coach, since they know even after making a big investment on a team with good players and coach they money is guaranteed to come back with profits if the team does well in tournaments. In this case the coach has to make sure that his team shines, above all, other rival teams and that their players behave appropriately since behavior is the key feature most sponsors will for before looking at the talent. Bad behavior means giving a bad image for both the team and the sponsors who are supporting the team’s financials. Mike Krzyzewski mission for the team is to see that university students and players are recognized and given the respect they deserve when joining NBA. This mission statement should not be revised since its simplicity makes it clear and straight to the point. Playing is all about the money and leisure if it were not for the money then many players would rather do something else rather than playing. However, for coach Mike Krzyzewski to deny the offer he had got from Lakers of $40million it does not mean that where he worked he never got paid as a matter of fact his pay added up to several million and this is evident that the teams financial status was not bad.

As a team, there are things expected from you by both the sponsors and your fans. Everything that the team does will affect many people and therefore they should always think of the consequences their actions can cause to the community. Most players give hope and courage to people who want to be like them and maybe think they cannot since they are afraid or maybe they have financial problems and for that they end up downgrading themselves. Apart from hope and courage as a team there are things they can offer to the market and the community such as creating awareness of people who have talents and the way to go to make their dreams come to life. They can also come up with groups that deal with donations and fund raising to help on hunger stricken people or people affected by natural disasters. However, for this big teams not everyone can be their client since they have to deal with rich corporates for support and funds. Expansion of a team is all up to the coach and the sponsors who have to give out the money for new players. But since buying of new players can be very expensive, the coach has to access the player to be bought and make sure that they are worth the money and time before being bought. For a team to also get new players, it should be ready to cater for all the equipment’s needed for the new player. In this case the equipment’s can be taken care of within the shortest time possible as long as the issues is tabled.

The team has all required training equipment’s and workforce to implement the training. Training can be a bit costly since it will require new equipment’s and a training ground which will be of good standards for the players. A team without training is not a team, it is just a bunch of players running on the field without any routine and discipline. So when it comes to finances and spending it is good to spend huge on a good coach rather than making small investments on a coach who will not bring out the potential of the players out. Having Mike Krzyzewski as the team coach is evidently that the team is on the right track and all its future targets are in good hands. The management of the team is basically what all players dream of, in situation whereby the coach has the time to listen to the players ideas and does not push them to a point where they break out of pressure or for being given positions they cannot be able to manage. The management should always be in an agreeable situation and not be making different decisions from each other or else the team will be confused on who to follow and what to do. The team also has to have the latest equipment’s for better performance and motivation to the players. Technology having taken over on almost all sectors and business it has also affected sports, the performance of players can highly be influenced by technology such as getting new trending shoes or high performance cameras for filming the players in the field. Technology is basically like a disease in everything we do, since we cannot fully avoid it no matter what and for that we have to learn how to embrace it and live harmoniously with what it has to offer us whether it is in sports of in business.

Just like any other business even sports have competitors. Every manager and coach want to see their team being the best in all ways and that the reason they are always ready to spent millions of dollars on a player just to make the image of their team great. The team has so many competitors as a matter of fact every team you play against is your competitor, one efficient way of taking out a threat is by learning their weaknesses and strengths and then striking them on their weak spot. This teams also are looking for the same sponsors as you are, and if they prove to be better than you then, that means they will end up signing a contract with the sponsors and not you. Therefore after learning their strategies and weaknesses, the team is to come up with a better way to beat the opponent’s game in all ways both in the field and the commercials. In this case study we see that if you give your team the best of all things and also give them the comfort of your heart as a brother the fruits are expected to be positive since the players will never want to disappoint a coach who cares about them.

Due to the previous awards that the team has won, the team’s economy is high since many people are coming forward trying to sponsor the team. This creates a good image for the team and the coach which will increase the rating of the team making the players expensive in case an opponent team needs to buy a player from the team. However, one of the biggest problems the sports community faces id the fact that they cannot stop players from aging. This is the reason all good players end up not playing since they get old even before the fans get enough of them. This affects a team if it was not prepared or if one of their most profiled players has to retire or gets kicked out due to bad behavior. Population growth is also another factor which can affect a team since day in day out the number of talented players rise and they all end up going to the same team looking for the chance to prove themselves but unfortunately find that the team is already packed up fully and has no space for new players. Therefore creating of new teams and clubs is a good idea for upcoming players who also need a chance to shine in the sport they love. Politics always comes rising in sports, in most cases politicians end up not allocating the required funds to the team as required and this affects the teams moral since the schools playing cannot play without funds. But in this situation the teams have no political agenda affecting them. A team that has a bad image will be affected in many ways, mostly socially, and the team may end up having few or no supports to support it wen playing. Motivation from supporters is what keeps the team going knowing that every time they go to play a game they have people who are looking up to as role models.

The team may also face some global challenges when it comes to global tournaments. However, the challenges faced are too many to such an extent that they cannot all be pointed out. After analyzing the situation in this case study we came up with challenges such as, maintaining labor, after gathering information of the past spending and incomes of the team it is evident that players have had an argument with the managers concerning their payments. Most of the players complain that the team’s managements do no pay them their fair share, however, this problem does not have a possible solution which seems to have been found yet. The increased salaries of professional athletes have drastically affect sports in general. The people who fund the teams have been forced to look for other means to be generating revenue to keep the teams alive of which it pretty expensive. The introduction of technology equipment’s in the fields has had the opportunity to increase revenue for the teams. Due to technology rapid rise and change the world is suddenly looking smaller than it actually is, since for a professional player to go to another country to play is as easy as making a phone call. Globalization, together with team branding of the sponsors is also a major way of increasing revenue, however, most teams in USA are not taking this as serious as European clubs are. When we talk about globalization, it primarily involves all this processes and activities. Branding of the team and any sales activity that may involve the team and any other business right they may have outside their country, partnership of corporates which is running outside the country where the headquarters of the corporates are located, organizing international games and tours that are to be played outside USA and Canada by US with other professionals. In this case study it shows how the arranged competitions that require US teams and southern American professional teams competing in an important tournament that involves records and standings, in this tournaments the winner gets to be acknowledge by the whole world.

Despite challenges caused by technology, technology has also played a big role in making professional players popularity and increasing revenue. Several years ago people would be able to only access less than ten television stations but due to the rise in technology today people can view up to hundreds of stations and on top of it they have the freedom to choose the category they prefer without leaving their homes or having to do to a stadium to watch a team play. However, technology also has its side effects of sports since not only sports are aired on television and that is a big competition on the viewers since other people might want to watch other stations since they have the freedom to do so, and there being like a hundred types of different sports in the world many people might end up watching stations airing other sports and not basketball. Technology also brings up challenges to non-professional teams who cannot afford to buy modern equipment’s for their games. For example, some upcoming teams might be unable to afford electronics video cameras which can help them in recording and customize the game according to the way they would love to. This process might affect the art of broadcasting in many ways since watching a game live on your phone or any handheld device might be quite different from the people watching it on televisions. However, in broadcasting viewers needs come first and whatever they see fit is what will be aired otherwise if a team has no fans and

People don’t like it then it means that the chances of it being aired are low as compared to the famous team.

Handling globalization. New and recent technologies are playing a big role in spreading professional basketball and sport in general. Due to the rise in technology people in different continents can watch the game live both at the same time despite the difference in time they have. Apart from television new means of broadcasting sports live are emerging from all over the world and this is a boost to the stations since they end up having more view that can access the stations. Basketball has played tournaments and regular seasons in Los Angeles, New York, and Canada. In 2012, other regular season games were played in Lakers stadium. On other sports, the NBA had to send Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers to china to play in the china games in 2007. In 2013 to 2014 NBA games had a combination of various countries playing together in Brazil these countries were china, turkey, English, Philippines and Spain. These efforts have been used to increase the popularity of NBA and sports in general and also increase revenue. However, NBA has always been having problems on making decisions on whether they should allow countries that are not from Northern America to participate on tournaments. This issue raises a lot of questions like how to deal with different cultures and also the challenges that might come up during an exchange of currency.


In this case study, sports in general can a be said to be challenging for both the players and the managers. However every challenge they face can be solved but only using money or popularity.


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