Commemorating Terry Pratchett

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Terry Pratchett, a truly great author who strove to live by his ideals has passed away. The world grieves his passing but his works live on.

Terry Pratchett the author

I was first introduced to the works of Terry Pratchett over twenty years ago at my local public library. Terry Pratchett a the time was an author becoming steadily more and more popular although some of his original works had been around for quite some time. The genre of his books was generally a fantasy style and the healthy British humor was strongly reminiscent of Douglas Adams. The first novel I read was "Guards Guards" and I immediately fell in love with the witty writing style and the effective way in which Terry Pratchett parodied the fantasy genre in general and Tolkien's "The Hobbit" in particular.

Terry Pratchett, devoted to his work

Terry Pratchett, like many great authors, demonstrated his greatness by maintaining a clear and sustainable world sufficiently different from our own. He was clearly quite devoted to his work which is why you can find pictures of him on the web dressed as a wizard from "Unseen University" - a university for high magic from his fantasy world. When Terry Pratchett was knighted he decided that a self respecting fantasy writer who gets knighted aught to own a sword. Not content to purchase one, he and his friends went and dug up iron ore, smelted it in a home made kiln and forged a blade. They even added a but of meteorite, to the ore to give the blade a more mystic significance.

Movies of books

Several of Terry Pratchett's books were subsequently made into movies. Some of these are animated movies and some are with live actors. These all invariably bare the caption - "Mucked about by Terry Pratchett". The movies tend to be very true to the original novels with only slight modifications incumbent on the limitations (mostly time constraints) of a cinematic film. The special effects are minimal, the acting is so-so but the wonderful storytelling skills of Terry Pratchett and the humor, more than make up for it.

Memorable characters

Although every book has its own heroes, villains and antiheroes, there are some characters that are too good to be used only once and tend to appear again and again. These include Cohen the Barbarian - a barbarian who has become a living legend and hence is so old his teeth are already falling out, Rincewind the inept wizard who hates adventures and is unable to cast any magic, Carrot, the ultimate hero who isn't one, Granny Weatherwax, the old witch who solves problems with "headology" and hefty amount of magic and of course Death, who is always punctual and does his best to help humanity when relevant.

Terry Pratchett - his illness and death

Apparently, during the past few years, Terry Pratchett was diagnosed as suffering from some form of neurodegenerative disease. This may have affected his writing somewhat although it did not stop him from continuously publishing more and more books. His books and their memory will continue to enrich the lives of people for generations yet to come and in that sense, he lives on with us.

Published and published - but still perished....


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