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When Prince Charles met Camilla he fell in love. Real love, not a fairy tale one. But his father, Prince Phillip thought she wasn't suitable. So they married her off to someone else and it broke Prince Charles's heart. He had given Camilla his heart and no matter how hard he tried to give it to Diana, the suitable wife, he could not.

Lives Torn Apart

Prince Charles was devastated when he wasn't allowed to marry the one woman he truly loved. You could tell that he really tried to love Princess Diana, but nobody likes to be made to marry someone else when his love was given elsewhere. If Diana had known she wouldn't have married him, and he did need an heir. It is just a shame that for all involved it turned out so tragically.

What Happened

The result of Charles being denied the love of his heart was a very unhappy man. He was filled with misery and though his world didn't end his heart stopped beating. As for Diana she had thought he was over Camilla, otherwise she would have not married him.


Camilla tried desperately to stay away from the love of her life. But when you are in love all it took was a look to know he still loved her. For several years they tried not even to meet accidentally. But with the dissolving of Prince Charles' marriage and hers they eventually got back together. How can you tell a true love no? And although Prince Charles liked Diana, he did not love her, no matter how beautiful a person she was inside.

Freedom At Last

When Diana realized she had married someone who was in love with someone else, she decided to fix that matter. Yes she loved Charles but she finally got over that as soon as she could. She determined to set Prince Charles free and in the doing so find someone for herself. She wanted love too.

A Dream Cut Short

If the media had not got her killed, she would have been happy today. But the paparazzi hunted her like she was some kind of fox. That ended in her death. Forget Prince Charles and Princess Diana's divorce. as you can see this was a very happy woman.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles wanted for Diana to be happy. He really hoped she would find someone who could love her as he tried and failed to do.


Prince Charles finally got to marry the woman he had loved since he met her. That Princess Diana didn't find happiness was directly the media's fault. They got her killed. It wasn't Prince Charles or Camilla. They just couldn't help loving each other. And I don't hold Camilla responsible for Diana's death. That happened a year after the divorce. Camilla is a kind person otherwise Prince Charles and Princess Diana;s sons would not like her and you can tell that they do. So get over it. The Monarchy will change now because of the tragic events that shaped all their lives. I adore Princess Diana still, but she was just trying to find love for herself when this tragedy happened. Do not blame someone who is innocent of her blood.
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William Harry and Their Father

Princes William and Harry would not have accepted Duchess Camilla or Charles if it in any way caused the death of Princess Diana. This woman has been hurt enough so go on with your life and let them live theirs. Princess Diana was pursuing her life and Prince Charles and her sons knew this.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
8th Aug 2013 (#)

Yes it is such a shame he did not marry the woman who was right for him. Indeed Dianna was a marvelous woman whose loss hurt the world greatly, but it was also true that Camilla and Prince Charles deserved to be happy together too.

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author avatar Grumpybear
8th Aug 2013 (#)

Yes I agree with you completely. Her sons will be happy though. :)

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
8th Aug 2013 (#)

This is a new chapter now for them all .. dear G'b ...A time for looking forward with hope and blessings , and letting go of the sad memories of the past .
Well said all round.
God bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar hamshi3024
8th Aug 2013 (#)

i never knew about this.. thank you.. and now i know.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
8th Aug 2013 (#)

they say true love conquers all...and karma takes it place too...thank you Rose....

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
8th Aug 2013 (#)

Diana was a victim of circumstances and had her life tragically cut short. It did not end up as - and they lived happily forever. Good analysis, Grumpybear - siva

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author avatar Mariah
8th Aug 2013 (#)

I agree with Siva's comments

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author avatar C. Montezuma
10th Aug 2013 (#)

I just do not understand how the world can allow an organization such as the paparazzi to invade the privacy of ANYONE and make their lives absolutely miserable! Their greed is inexcusable.

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author avatar Grumpybear
10th Aug 2013 (#)

Yes it is.

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author avatar Trillionaire
10th Aug 2013 (#)


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author avatar Carol
11th Aug 2013 (#)

This is so well written, and it;'s the truth. I am sad that Diana died so young, and never found true love , and I do wish she had been wearing a seat belt that fateful day, she may then have survived. I am so glad that Charles and Camilla have now found happiness, I am a true royalist and have always had huge respect for Charles. William and Harry have a great respect for Camilla, and that says it all.

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author avatar Retired
2nd Oct 2013 (#)

Well written but I do believe that there was an ongoing relationship between Prince Charles and Camilla while he was married to Diana that is why the marriage between Charles and Diana did not last. It was unfortunate that Prince Charles agreed to marry someone he did not love because he could not marry the love of his life who was already married to someone else at the time. So two marriages were left in ruins because two people could not act properly and remain faithful to their marriage vows.

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