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What does celebrity really mean? I think the meaning has changed...

Original Contributions

I have found that I don't understand the true meaning of what a celebrity is anymore. I always thought movie stars with countless films to their credit, worldly acclaimed authors, artists, poets, inventors, etc. were worthy of being referred to as celebrities. Their contributions are what really inspire and motivate us to be our better selves or at least a bit more adventurous and risk taking. Going through life without risk would be a bit daunting for your creative innards. When my favorite people in the news joust into the spotlight in a positive way, it helps ignite my fire, too.

New Age T.V.

The new age of television, meaning reality based television, has its good and bad points. One good point is that originally new ideas are being developed and played out over the course of a season. It was fresh for awhile. The dating shows got old real quick for me because there were so many of them. Wannabe actors brave enough to get on the tube got a chance to try out and were "celebrities" overnight. Okay, sure, millions watched but does that really make you a celebrity? I don't think it does. There have been a few smart ones who used their T.V. exposure to promote something else they wanted to accomplish. I think they deserve the celebrity status. It shows they were thinking. For instance, I am not a fan of Bethenny Frankel but she used her head and scored well with her yoga DVD and Skinnygirl cocktail line.

Famous Descendants are Celebrities?

Just because you are the son or daughter of a celebrity doesn't necessarily make you one! This is a huge misconception. I will never understand the whole Kardashian craze. The whole family is extremely wealthy and I absolutely do not consider the daughters celebrities in any way, shape or form. Most of what they promote should be considered embarrassing at the very least. However, it makes for great reality television and viewers watch so they stay on the air. I have much more respect for people like the designers on Project Runway because they really work hard to get the ultimate prize, all while viewers see every challenging moment of their lives, as they strive to be the best by professional fashion standards.

Your Take on Celebrity Standards

There are lots of shows on the air right now that show the boring every day lives of people and crazy antics. These are entertaining to a point for me but get stale pretty quick. There are also series' that show case talented people wanting to contribute something of use and of meaning to audiences. For me, people involved in the latter category are the true celebrities. They show an evolution of their journey to a meaningful end, as their show wraps up. They also leave a lasting impression and a smile on my face.


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Insightful article. Thank you, finka.

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