Did Days of Our Lives Kill Stefano Dimera?

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The Phoenix, known as Stefano has died and risen from death several times on Days of Our Lives. Fans want to know what is going to happen or is happening with the Dimera family and its patriarch Stefano. Here lies in this article clues on the life or demise of the Salem Days of Our Lives character, Stefano Dimera.

Has Stefano Dimera been written off Days of Our Lives after over Twenty Years?

Even if you have not been watching the soap opera Days of Our Lives, and or DOOL as its fans often refer to it, for the past 20 to 47 years, you may still have heard about the 'Phoenix' or Stefano Dimera, played by, Metropolitan Opera clarinet player, Joseph Mascolo in passing being killed off of Days of Our Lives.

Joseph Mascolo has been playing the character since the 1980's. The fictional character was written to have 6 chidlren, raised 2 people including a nephew that at one time was made to get plastic surgery to portray another dead relative that Stefano raised. All of those characters related to Stefano have long been gone, but Stefano until Monday, June 4, 2012, was still forging a head strong as a character. The Stefano character demise preceeds the death of his daughter Lexie Carter who on the show is dieing of an incurable brain tumor, a disease that Stefano found out before his death, he was indirectly the cause.

So why is Joseph Mascolo's character Stefano Dimera, the character that Soap Opera calls the best villian of all times, being canned? According to Mascolo, the show's twist on the power and unity of his character's family was diminishing in an unfavorable way. Anyone that watches the show knows that the links of the character to his family was paramount. Another main character on DOOL, EJ Dimera was recently written in as not being Stefano's son. Also, his wife, Kate was written out as being divorced by Stefano after the character set her up to be unfaithful.

This two events and the writing of Stefano being the cause of his daughter Lexie's brain tumor were just three events that left a bad taste in the actor's mouth for continuing to play the character. Mr. Mascolo is a mature man in his 80's now, but it has had no bearing on his desire to leave the show. He is in good health and even regularly peforms with the Metropolitan Opera. Because of the fact that everything that seems to go wrong in Salem is the fault of Stefano Dimera may have simply played to a sorry storyline. By the time the writer's were finished with all the changes with the Stefano character during the past few months, almost every character on the show wanted to see Stefano dead. As a result, currently there are abou 8 major suspects to his death.

One of the main storylines to the Stefano character is that he seems to always raise from the ashes of what appeared to be his demise in previous storylines during the years of the fictional character on the show. Stefano has always been written to get out of whatever situation he would find himself in that was lawless. It is possible that although the character was shot from behind with a bullet that came out of his chest, that the writer's find a way to bring in his ghost. Stefano Dimera of Salem, villians of all villians, dead. Television soap opera's may never be the same without him.

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author avatar MARIE TROUT
30th Jul 2012 (#)

I am really shocked and disappointed that no matter how despised Stefano is, that he is no longer with the show. In my opinion, it was still worthy to keep him on, as a different man, perhap, due to Lexie and EJ, but there could have been other things written. I've been a fan from the show since its beginning. I am 64 years old and still enjoy watching this show everyday. I am totally bummed about not being able to see it due to the Olympics, especially after the last show!
I was reading some of the DOOL facts on who is leaving and such and disappointed in that. Carrie is a great character. I don't know that Austin is not a good match for her, but I would have really enjoyed seeing her remain on the show. The writers gave us tidbits of their stayiing and then when we are waiting to see their lives form in Salem, they remove them. So saddened about Bo leaving. But I understand. It wowuld be wonderful to see him pop up from time to time. But how will that leave Hope and their family? Don't tell me they'll be written off too? UGH! Ian can leave any time. I do not like the actor nor his storyline. He just doesn't fit with DAYS. And then Madison leaving? Really? How in the world is that going to work out?
Melanie leaving too....I really grew to like her and watch her mature. She helped brighten the show as well as the other characters, but I do hope she will return someday because I'll miss her too.
And what about Kate? I like her and I don't like her. Just one of those characters, you know. But for the rest, please let them stay on the show if they want. They wonderful actors, and despite what may be to others ridiculous story-lines, I am a faithful fan that will continue to watch.

Out of curiosity, what is the real issue of DAYS?? If it's good keep it going and add a little more juice. But don't go taking everyone away. It's ridiculous and frustrating to us.
I really hope this show never goes off the air. Why ruin a good thing?

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author avatar MARIE TROUT
30th Jul 2012 (#)

As a side note, I've never had the opportunity to visit the show nor meet any of the actors. Well, maybe someday I hope. Will has become an outstanding actor! He is likeable and sometimes misguided, but I really like hiim. Love Maggie, Victor, Julie, Doug, Mrs. Brady, Abe.....ALL of them. For one hour a day, I slip away from my busy day just to relax with this show. I hope you keep on keeping on!

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