Did anybody expect Salman Khan to be convicted?

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If driving leads to death, punishment is mandatory, which was not how things turned out in Salman Khan's case.

Who is Salman Khan?

An Indian actor rumored to be short tempered in the past. But in this case, he is the representative of Muslim community in the country.

What is the case all about?

Driving on a person who was sleeping on the footpath.

There are only two possibilities:

a) Salman Khan was drunk and did not know where he was driving;

b) The car's tires gave way - conveniently.

If Khan had too much alcohol in his blood stream

Then he knew he should not be driving and yet did it out of carelessness, leading to the death of the person. Agreed that the death was not premeditated. Nevertheless, it gets as close to that if the person is driving knowing fully well what can be the consequences of DUI.

If the tire did burst

Then why did Salman Khan claim that it was his driver who was driving and not he?

Once the perjury is proved, there should be no grounds to excuse him.

In India that does not happen

Political parties are afraid of losing the Muslim vote bank because Salman Khan is a celebrity and there will be accusations hurled that he was convicted because he is a Muslim. No political party would dare to lose Muslim vote bank because their votes don't get divided by logic.

How different this is from conviction of Sir Jeffrey Archer, and Paris Hilton.

Appalling analogies

Farah Khan, one of the younger actors tweeted something to the effect that if somebody was sleeping on train's tracks would it be the fault of train's driver if the train went over him?

But train tracks are for driving trains unlike footpaths which are not for driving cars.

Moreover, the train driver cannot choose to apply instant breaks because sudden loss in momentum can derail the compartments behind the engine, and may even topple the engine. It is a choice between losing one life and losing many lives.

It is just commonsense.

So guilty Salman Khan is...

Whether the court convicts him or not;

Whether the person who died was rich or poor;

Whether the footpath should have been used for sleeping or not;

Laws are there for a reason. If they are not followed, and lead to serious consequences such as this, then the person needs to be tried and convicted, irrespective of his or her position in life, religion, etc.


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author avatar Retired
14th May 2015 (#)

Farah Khan should refrain from making such irresponsible comments.
Her comments was hilarious though and reflects her stupidity.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
14th May 2015 (#)

Thank you for sharing this article and your views on it.

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author avatar snerfu
15th May 2015 (#)

Nice to read your views on the subject. Everyone knows it but does anyone follow the law? It is just a convenience that one resorts to when the going gets tricky.
Nice article once again.

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author avatar Ptrikha
20th May 2015 (#)

Interestingly this case reminds me of a dialog from a Bollywood movie(irony!) "Hulchul" where the villain Ambrish Puri keeps on saying :"Angrezi mein ek kahawat hai(There is a saying in English)"
and one of his quotes is : "The law is the servant of the rich".

(I do not exactly recall but the hero Ajay Devgn has this dialog :"Sau Sunar ki, ek lohar ki(100 times effort of the Goldsmith equals to just one of the Ironsmith)".

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