Disney's Most Famous Animated Film Stars

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The Disney motion pictures have included some of the most famous animated film stars. Many of its animated movies have had a big impact at the box office. Disney's stars have also been included a variety of shorter cartoons, comic strips, story books and games.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is Disney's original star that starred in the early black-and-white films. As Walt Disney put it, “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.” That was a mouse with red shorts first sketched by Walt and Iwerks.

Mickey Mouse starred in one of Disney's first sound cartoons "Steamboat Willie" where the mouse pilots a river steamboat. That was a several minute black-and-white cartoon, which today is rated as one of the greatest cartoons. This was the début cartoon for the mouse that has since starred in a multitude of both shorter and longer animated productions.

Mickey Mouse has starred in a variety of shorter length cartoons such as "Mickey’s Gala Premier," "Hollywood Party" and the "Band Concert." Perhaps the most famous of Mickey Mouse's feature-length animated movies was "Fantasia" in 1940. The film included a variety of classics from the Philadelphia Orchestra. The sequel, "Fantasia 2000," combined CGI with hand-drawn animations. "Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas" and "Twice Upon a Christmas" films were among the first to include 3-D animations.

Today, Mickey is the company's official mascot. The mouse dominates Disney parks worldwide in Florida, Paris, etc. At these theme parks you can meet up with the loveable mouse. Some of the parks include Mickey Mouse themed lands such as Mickey's Toontown. Thus, Mickey is most probably the most famous Disney star.

Woody the Cowboy

In the era of CGI the Toy Story has undoubtedly been among Disney's biggest movie series. Woody the Cowboy was the star of the original "Toy Story" that was among the first feature-length CGI films. That film began a trilogy of movies.

Woody the Cowboy is a pull-string cowboy sheriff doll, that like the other toys comes to life in the film. Woody's CGI films have inspired a number of rides at Disney parks. Toy Story Midway Mania is among the Toy Story rides included at three parks, so the cowboy is now widely included at Disney Land.

Snow White & Seven Dwarfs

"Snow White & Seven Dwarfs" was one of the first feature-length animated films. It starred the princess Snow White, along with several dwarfs, in a movie that was one of Walt Disney's classics. Snow White is not an animal, toy or anything else other than a princess.

Today, the Snow White film is a notable theme at Disney's parks. Aside from Snow White rides there is the Fantasyland Theater that hosts Snow White musicals. Alongside Mickey and Woody, Snow White is another of the Disney stars included at its parks.

Donald Duck

Donald is included in more of Disney's animated films and cartoons than any other of its stars. This is a loveable duck with a blue sailor shirt and hat that has starred in Disney cartoons since the 1930s. The "Wise Little Hen" was among the first movies that Donald Duck starred in.

Aside from the Donald Duck cartoons, the duck has been in a variety of Mickey Mouse feature-length films. Among them "Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas," "Fantasia 2000" and "The Three Musketeers." Thus, the duck is one of the Mickey Mouse cast. However, Donald has not starred in a feature-length animated movie.

Donald Duck has been in many comic books. Donald Duck comic books are published worldwide. The duck also has a variety of story books.

In 2004, Donald Duck joined the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The duck is one of three Disney stars, the others Mickey Mouse and Snow White, included there. Along with Woody they are Disney's most famous animated movie stars.


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