Do We Really Need to Know?

Shelly Casey By Shelly Casey, 12th Jan 2010 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Why do people feel it's necessay to know every move that celebreties make? They should be able to live their lives just like we do. Private lives are private lives no matter who you are.

Is it Really our Business

To be honest with you I have no interest what Tiger Woods is doing when he is off the golf course or what happened at the Sheen household on Christmas. This is really not my business. I have my own life, granted it is probably not as exciting as theirs but I certainly wouldn't want it out there for public scrutny. Why can't we as a society say enough is enough and leave these people to their private lives. If your husband was caught cheating on you would you want Nancy Grace discussing it for weeks on end? Maybe if we walked a mile in their shoes we would be so apt to pick up an Enquirer when we were at the grocery store. Have our lives become so dull and boring we have to get our entertainment on others misery?

Stop the Craziness

All that we need to do is stop tuning in to these gossip shows and buying the rags at the supermarket. If the public sent a message to these scandal mongers that we are sick of it and don't want to hear that nonsense then maybe they would start printing interesting articles that really meant something. I like most people like to learn things about my favorite entertainers or shows. I would certainly buy a magazine that printed true stories of interest.


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author avatar kev
14th Feb 2010 (#)

I'd like to agree with you but - a celebrity enjoys wealth and privilege gained by adulation - he or she must pay the price if they behave badly.

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