Don't leave people alone

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Why are there paparazzi that are just there spying on people without them knowing. Feels like they are prisoners of their lives

Don't leave people alone

I see a lot of celebrities in the news today and I see how they change their personalities. I don't mind how they look, how they act, or anything but there are those snitching about their personalities just to embarrass them.

If I were to be a celebrity, I wouldn't know how to act because of the fact that people might judge me or find a way to make fun of my personality. I just wish I would be able to be how I really like to be without being judge. I do like to act but when it comes to this case, I just wish I'll be a regular actor without being famous. If I am good that people like, I would not try to reveal myself so no one knows who I really am because my name can be in the internet doing things that people may lie about.

I see celebrities today and they have changed a lot after a long time and people had put those in the internet. Some just try and change their image to make people believe that that is their new lifestyle when it is not true. There is this one show that also does that. They hire paparazzi and they make them look for random celebrities so they can judge them. They also make fun of their names and everything that gets annoying.


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27th Jun 2013 (#)


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2nd Jul 2013 (#)


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27th Jun 2013 (#)

If in Fame,
Know the Game,
Its your Name,
You have to tame.

Its your fire,
Your desire.
Your own liar,
Makes you a crier.

Its for a lifetime,
Not for a crime.
Its famous sublime,
Peak at prime.

The paparazzi make you famous for what you are and what you do. They click you and question you for the fans who make the fame worthwhile and it is how you behave with them that is recorded and given to the world around as authentic coverage of the star.

They do their living and you get recognised for your true behaviour by them. They make or break you as that is their job. Its when they encroach your privacy that is when hell on Earth begins although some of it is all within limit. Always learn to be on guard even with family wherein you are yourself only when you are on your own within your private confines.
How you do it is your problem as that is dependent on the lifestyle you lead.
Good luck with fame.

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author avatar fear
2nd Jul 2013 (#)

Haha, first of all, that is "IF" I become famous (1 in a million). Oh so the paparazzi can't lie about people? If that is the case if people really "likes my act," then I'll go for it lol.

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