Duck Dynasty Star and the First Amendment

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Watching the controversy swirl around Phil Robertson and comments he made in an article in GQ Magazine, make us question what are first amendment rights mean and if punishing someone for exercising those rights is the road we really want to travel down

He said What?

I have listened to the arguments rage today on talk radio about what “Duck Dynasty” star, Phil Robertson, said about homosexuals. I do not agree with Mr. Robertson in the slightest and I am a God loving Christian man. I believe that if homosexuality were a choice, most people would not have chosen this as a lifestyle. I can only imagine that it wasn’t easy growing up and being conflicted over not being in the “norm” as far as liking the opposite sex. So I don’t believe that people can just choose away the feelings they have and try to be what is considered normal. I also believe God understands this and loves all his children and will not go out of his way to punish homosexuals. After all he did create us all. I also know I will probably catch crap for giving god a masculine pronoun, but that is my choice.

Do We Really Want to Go Here?

I really think that homosexuals are going to want to stand behind Phil Robertson. I know they don’t like what he said or really care about what he thinks, but they should be the first in line to defend his right to say and think those things. The LBGT community have struggled for the past 40 years to be recognized in front of the law as being able to marry and thus to have the same rights as every other American. So I would find it horribly ironic and hypocritical if they would deny anyone their right to free speech. I would think they, above anyone else, would want to stand up and say, “We don’t agree with Mr. Robertson, we think his thinking is backward, but we defend his right to think and say those things.” If the LBGT won’t do this for someone they dislike and who dislikes them, then they shouldn’t be granted the right to marry. It can’t accepted that people who get the rights afforded them by the constitution, regardless of race, creed, sex, or sexual orientation, unless we don’t like them. We can’t judge what one person says just because we don’t like what he said. Just like we shouldn’t be denied marriage just because we love someone of the same sex.

Our Rights Are Sacred...for All.

So I believe that homosexuals would make great strides in their own cause if they would stand for someone they dislike and clearly dislikes them. And say to America, we don’t like what he says, but don’t punish him for saying it. I will leave you with a poem that helps to remind us of what are responsibility is to each other: First they came for the blacks, but I said nothing, next they came for the homosexuals, and I said nothing, then they came for the Jews, and again, I said nothing, finally they came for me…and there was no one left to say anything to.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
20th Dec 2013 (#)

Good way to look at it - let not the right to speak our minds be taken away though we need to be tactful - siva

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author avatar Tony Barnes
23rd Dec 2013 (#)

If you are a God fearing Christian should be in pursuit of putting on the mind of Christ. And, if you do that...your opinions become irrelevant.

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author avatar Pace21
23rd Dec 2013 (#)

If opinions become irrelevant then there is no need for this site. But I think I get what your saying. We all need to look to Christ to improve our relationship with Him, and worry less about what others are saying or doing in the world. If I've missed it, let me know.

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author avatar Tony Barnes
23rd Dec 2013 (#) say you don't agree with Mr. Robertson in the slightest...but, then you say you are a God fearing Christian man. Mr. Robertson shared from Scripture...I am not sure how a person can be a God fearing Christian man can disagree with a stand based on Scripture. As we put on the mind of Christ...our opinions begin to be the same as the opinions of God. My opinions begin to be of very little importance as I sit at the feet of Christ who is transforming me.

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