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Audrey Hepburn has inspired generations of women and set very high standards in terms of personal style. What she wore decades ago is relevant even today. Her outfits have timeless appeal and are effortlessly elegant. Want to flaunt Audrey Hepburn fashion? Read on to find out how.

Audrey Hepburn one of the world’s most admired Hollywood stars

Audrey Hepburn still remains one of the world’s most admired Hollywood stars and fashion icons. With her inimitable sense of style and graceful brilliance, she captured hearts across the world and through time. Her sophisticated grace and heartwarming attitude wowed and continues to wow us for decades after her heyday. Her sophisticated style and effortlessly polished looks have inspired fashion designers to encapsulate her spirit in their collections. It is not hard to believe that many outfits and pieces found in today’s wardrobes are inspired from her looks. An icon who is revered till today, many look up to her for lessons on fashion and personal style. Her deceptively simple yet classy outfits are truly timeless and elegant. Many modern pieces and outfits found in today’s wardrobes were first initiated by Audrey Hepburn. White floral Givenchy dress is one of her most famous outfits. is one of her most famous outfits. What she wore decades ago is still staying strong to this day. Want to build your wardrobe and dress like Audrey Hepburn? Here are the essentials you need to flaunt Audrey Hepburn fashion.

Audrey Hepburn showed us how to rock an LBD

1. The Little Black Dress:
Audrey Hepburn showed us how to rock an LBD. Go for a sheath style LBD and cinch it at the waist. You can wear anything from cap sleeves to short sleeves to no sleeves, as per your preference. To truly channel Audrey, go for the elegant wide neckline instead of the usual V-neck. Depending on the way you style it, it can be a cute outfit or a dazzlingly sexy one. Match your LBD with pearls for a dressed-up Holly Golightly look. You can also wear your LBD with a tailored blazer for an official look. For a casual outfit, pair it with a denim jacket for a cool vibe. Wear your LBD with cut-out heels or stilettos for a polished look.

2. White Shirt:
Audrey Hepburn was rocking menswear like it was nothing at a time when women used to refrain from wearing pants. The simple and ultra-sexy white shirt lends a lot of femininity and style to any outfit. For an Audrey Hepburn twist, go for an oversized white shirt. Pair it with dressy slacks or a pencil skirt for a great look at your workplace. You can also wear a long white shirt and pair it with tights/stockings for a cool and flirty casual look. However, do not forget to belt it.

3. Striped Shirt:
Much like the LBD, Audrey showed us how to rock a striped shirt. While you can opt for different colors, the monochrome black and white is the classic Audrey Hepburn choice. The monochrome striped shirt can be paired with cigarette pants for an office-worthy look. It can also be paired with a bright A-line skirt for a fun evening look. For a casual look, wear it with short jeans or a miniskirt.

Another great Audrey Hepburn fashion is the turtleneck

4. Trench Coat:
Other than providing protection against the chilly winds, trench coats offer an amazing style that is chic, fun, and effortless. For the Audrey Hepburn look, go for a trench coat that features classic detailing like clean lines, belted waist, tortoise shell buttons, and an overall slim fit. Opt for neutral shades like white, camel, beige, or black. Make sure it ends at the knees for a classic look that dazzles.

5. Turtleneck Shirt:
Another great Audrey Hepburn fashion is the turtleneck. Bringing definition to any outfit, the turtleneck shirt is comfortable and stylish. Very versatile, it can be paired with a voluminous pleated skirt for a dressy look. For a casual look, pair it with a pair of acid washed jeans and a denim jacket. For an outfit you can wear to the office, wear it with dressy slacks and a tailored blazer. For a true Audrey Hepburn look, wear your turtleneck shirt with a pair of loafers.

6. Cropped Pants:
A great choice for those who want to show a little skin, cropped pants make any outfit look really stylish. For a casual daytime look, wear cropped pants with a white tee and a colorful blazer. For a fancy look, pair luxe cropped pants with a full-sleeved stylish top. For a look you can wear to the workplace, wear your cropped pants with a loose-fitting top and a tailored jacket. The cropped pants that look closest to Audrey Hepburn’s style are those with a slender but not tight fit.

Audrey Hepburn & a floral halter dress

7. Striped Pants:
One of the major fashion trends at the moment, stripes are very popular. Lucky for Audrey Hepburn fans, it is also something our style icon often wore. Bringing an effortlessly chic and flirty vibe to any outfit, striped pants may sound difficult to wear but they’re actually quite simple. For a breezy casual outfit, pair your striped pants with a tank top and sandals.

For a fancy outfit, pair striped pants with a stylish satin top and heels. For an outfit you can wear to your workplace, pair it with an off-shoulder top. Ensure the top looks professional to make the outfit work. The key is to let the stripes shine by pairing it with a solid colored top. You can wear these outfits with anything from block heels to stilettos.

8. Halter Dress:
Great for showing some skin and looking sophisticated at the same time, halter dresses look very sexy and stylish when worn right. For a casual outfit, channel Audrey Hepburn and wear a floral halter dress. For a fancy outfit, go for a halter dress made with materials like crushed velvet, charmeuse, or sequins. For an outfit fit for the workplace, opt for a halter dress that has geometric patterns on it. Go for a dress with a conservative neckline and cover up with a tailored blazer if necessary.

Audrey Hepburn an inspiration for generations of women

Audrey Hepburn has inspired generations of women and set very high standards when it comes to graceful dressing and a sophisticated sense of personal style. However, we can dream of dressing like her by following in her sartorial footsteps. Do you want to wear and flaunt the graceful and effortlessly chic outfits considered Audrey Hepburn fashion? With our list of essentials, you can don such outfits and wow the world just like she did.


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