Fashion Industry More Open to Diverse Looks

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Fashion Shows and Fashion Spreads are Embracing Models of All Sizes and Ages

Women Making Their Way Into Fashion

I recently watched an old archive film from a 1950's fashion show. The models were showcasing fur and evening wear. Wow! Women certainly don't model like that anymore. It was campy, over-the-top modeling at its finest. It reminded me of a church fashion show where the models look side to side and make a point to make eye contact directly with the audience, while sporting a prominent grin. There was lots of twirling and overtly holding of the garments stretched out to the side. I did like the hand gestures, however. They were very elegant in evening gloves which I think is a lovely accessory for night time events, even now. The women were thin, well proportioned, and looked ultra feminine.

More Freedom in the 1960's

I really loved the matching sets of garments women wore in the 1950's. However, that was changing and with that so was culture. There were many more women starting to enter into the work force once again and more freedom in clothing choices was welcomed. Work attire was neat and clean but after hours and on the weekends women could be a little less formal than they had been before. The form fitting fashions of the previous decade were slowly easing into draped, loose, much longer, and much shorter styles for dresses, skirts, pants and shorts. Scarves were used in different ways and boots were the rage. After being held back for so long, I can imagine many women must have felt a sudden burst of relief when it came to styling for the day. Women modeled fashions looking a bit gaunt and Twiggy, who became an overnight sensation In England and America, was not helping mothers concerned that their daughters may be following a dangerous trend. This was the time to be mod and have fun and funky fashion came into the spotlight.

Seventies Fun in Fashion

The 1970's was a time of immense freedom and the start of some lucrative money making opportunities for women employed in the fashion industry, especially models. The salaries were starting to hit epic proportions but with that there was a lot expected of these women. No longer were there photo shoots sitting around drinking tea by the poolside with cheesecake-charmed personality. Women were traveling world wide and accepting assignments in every country they were allowed in. Sometimes they would fly onto their jobs for months on end with no breaks. It takes a strong person and a strong will to adhere to this grueling schedule and do whatever is asked. Women decidedly looked more healthy. A few more pounds to the waif body type of the 60's made women look vibrant and appealing.

Supermodel Era

By the time the 1980's were upon us, the era of the supermodel emerged. Women were making incredible money modeling. Not every model, even famous ones, were considered supermodels. This is a tough bill to fill, even for the well seasoned professionals with years of experience in fashion. If you think appearing in fashion shows around the world is busy, being a supermodel is ten times more busy than that. These women needed personal assistants to handle their scheduling and other arrangements they simple couldn't get to. Not only do these models appear in runway shows, they still have editorials, ad campaigns, commercial shoots, and cosmetic ads. They are spokes models for many different products, companies, endorsements, and causes. The list goes on and on. These are the few who have survived it all. The average life of a model is five years or less. Some of these women have been doing it for twenty years and some for even more. Women still looked healthy and even sporty in this modeling era. They were gaining true prestige.

Models Personified

In the 1990's, many more models became supermodels. This happens more frequently with female models than with male models. I am not sure why. However, Victoria's Secret among other fashion periodicals employed many models of this stature. With eye catching success, these women had astounding salaries to match their exposure. Editorial ads exploded in the pages of all the major fashion magazines. The ads became art couture and very engaging for the reader to behold. Some exquisite and extraordinary without doubt. Women were portraying pretty much anything they wanted to and showed lots of skin. They were in control and knew it. Women of all shapes, sizes and cultures had been scarce before but now any look was being accepted. This was true revolution for women and acceptance from the world wide audience. Whew, it was about time!

Anything goes in 2000's

The last fifty years of fashion have seen a lot of changes. I have loved all the eras so far because they are definitely unique and a time stamp of fashion culture and artistic growth. Once fashion was simply a display of garments with staged and obviously rehearsed shows and photo shoots. The artistic quality we now see in the pages of our favorite fashion magazines and on runway is a true testament of the hard working professionals that give us so much to look at. I guess that is one of the reasons I am a fashion mag addict. Women have gained a lot of power over the years and have taken this art induced fashion industry by storm. I always wonder when I pick up my new issue of Vogue every month what surprises lurk between the covers.


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