Gareth Gates in Cinderella at the Lyceum, Crewe

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Gareth Gates appears at Crewe in his latest pantomime, Cinderella. We travelled up to see him. Would this pantomime be even better than past ones? Read on to find out more.

Gareth Gates in Cinderella at The Lyceum, Crewe

Last Monday, we travelled from Kent to Crewe in Cheshire to see the pantomime Cinderella. As it was some distance we decided to make it a mini break, so we stayed with family the first night, and then spent 2 nights at very nice farmhouse accommodation, set in the heart of the Cheshire countryside.

I have travelled to many areas over the past few years to see Gareth in pantomime, each one has been good, so I wondered how this one could improve, and stand out from the rest. Pantomimes are full of fun, and what better time to celebrate than at Christmas.

The first night found us enjoying a meal at the local pub, with a cosy log fire, and friendly hosts. People in Cheshire proved to be warm and welcoming, which made a great start to our Christmas. The breakfasts at our hotel did not disappoint, a full English breakfast, and as we staggered from the table, I noted with pleasure that the sun was shining.

But alas, by the time we had reached Crewe, the rain was pouring down relentlessly, and I realised I had been very optimistic in thinking that a short suede jacket would be suitable. The temperature had dipped from the mellow 17 degrees in Kent, to less than 10 degrees, and the sky was grey and heavily laden with rain clouds.

The Lyceum Theatre

The Lyceum is a very interesting theatre, which dates back to 1911. It is set amongst markets with awnings, and we enjoyed exploring them, and grateful for the shelter they provided. Once inside, it was easy to capture the character, with its ornate drapes over the circle, and the true elegance of a time now forgotten . It is full of atmosphere, and on that day, there was expectation from excited children waving their glitter sticks .

Then we had parents and grand parents, maybe a little uncertain about what to expect, but clearly there to please their little ones. They didn't need to worry. These days pantomimes are geared to the whole family, audience participation from the children is actively encouraged, to avoid boredom and fidgeting, whilst innuendos are fed to the adults in a lighthearted manner which cannot cause offence. Now wonder the whole theatre was full up, not just in the stalls, but the circles too.

I have seen Gareth in pantomimes for several years now, each one unique in its own way, the bar has been set so high, I wondered what could set this one apart from the others. He always learns his lines so well, and has said in the past, after being in more dramatic roles earlier in the year, a pantomime role is fun, and not to be taken too seriously

Some of the Cast

Buttons arrived in the first scene, and it was clear to see, Adam Booth, who played him was having the time of his life , and drawing everyone in. The children in the audience reacted to him well, as did the adults, he was funny, cheeky, and really held the reins in the whole show. The scene with the cart where he used word association was very funny, and clever. How does her remember which item to hold up in which order to demonstrate a word?

The Ugly sisters , played by Darren Southworth, and Richard Foster-King, were as evil and spiteful as they needed to be, the children reacted with loud boos towards them, and their costumes were outrageous, and very comical.

Dandini, , played by Daniel Slade had an aristocratic air about him, which is probably why he jumped at the chance to exchange places with Prince Charming, and be more than just a man servant for a while.

Rosie Glossop was a friendly fairy godmother, which must have made quite a change after being part of a girl super group on BRITAINS GOT TALENT. Earlier this year she made it to the semi-finals in the Honey Bun, and she has continued performing around the country.

Jimmy Tamley, who played Baron Hardup appeared to be a quiet, gentle man, so it was a big surprise that his other talent was as a ventriloquist. This really connected him with the audience, he was very good, and at one part of the show, he invited a couple of people from the audience to come up on stage, and wear face masks, which moved every time he spoke for them and provoked even more hilarity.

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Alice Baker made a great Cinderella. She was dainty and feminine, with a very happy smile, and a winsome way about her. She connected well with Prince Charming, their voices blended well together, and they seemed very comfortable with one another, and totally believable as a couple.

Gareth was made to be Prince Charming. He has the bearing of a nobleman, his aristocratic accent has not a trace of Yorkshire in it, and his charm and charisma captures the audience immediately. Of course when he sings they are drawn in even more, his voice is as pure and clear as ever. Gareth has worked very hard to make it that way, after an operation earlier this year, and further treatment and vocal exercises, after a period of very necessary voice rest. His voice will always be his biggest asset, and he has taken great care of himself, as there is no way he would ever want to disappoint his very loyal fan base.

But there is another string to Gareth's bow, and that is his ability to make the audience laugh. We always knew he could act after watching him in Les Miserables, but his timing, and facial expressions in the scene where he is sitting on a wall with Cinderella, singing to her, and Buttons is doing his utmost to come between them, literally, is the funniest I have ever seen in any pantomime before. I laughed until tears came, and the rest of the audience did too.

Once again I have seen something different, the whole cast work well together to create the magic that children love, the audience participation, which is so important, and the humour, which all ages can enjoy. Last by by no means least, I want to mention the children who were part of the ensemble. They clearly enjoyed dressing up and taking part, and were a joy to watch. There must have been some proud parents watching them. They will probably be the stars of the future. If you want to see a pantomime that has just about everything, you cannot afford to miss Cinderella at Crewe, but don't just take my word for it..
There may be some tickets left if you click here,
My thanks to Wikipedia for the images, and Youtube for the video, which is from the film of Cinderella.

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Happy New Year Johnny, thanks for the quick moderation and star. x

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Carol, thanks for sharing such a great article. I loved the pictures and your review was awesome! Happy New Year!

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Thanks so much Nancy, Happy New year to you too.

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You've done it again Carol....
You have taken us on your outing with you , and shared all the highlights of the Pantomime in such a way , that it has seemed that we were there with you .
Excellent ! ...Thank you .
I really pray that 2016 will be a very successful and Happy Year for you and your family.
God bless you
Love Stella ><

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I am glad you enjoyed reading it Stella. All my good wishes for 2016 to you and those you love too. xx

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