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A closely review about great information about Sachin Tendulkar achievements for Indian cricket team.

What is so great about Sachin Tendulkar ?

What is so great about Sachin?
Why is the media overdoing things?
What is Sachin's contribution to India?
Why not respect other sportsmen and other sports?
Why let Cricket kill other sports?
Why wasn't there such a hue and cry when other legends from other sports retired (Pele,Maradonna, Schumacher, Michael Jordan)

Greatness of Sachin Tendulkar :

24 years at the top, 24 years of fame, 24 years of continuous public scrutiny and yet not one controversy. By the way has anyone seen Sachin being aggressive or angry other than his batting?

If you want to know how difficult that is and to let you understand the difficulty then let me give your personal telephone number to just 10 credit card salesmen, 10 insurance agents and 10 loan offering salesmen and record your reactions when they trouble you at the most inappropriate and inconvenient of times. Trust me your difficulty will be less than a thousand fold than what Sachin must have faced. But in 24 years not one soul in India has seen him get angry or court controversy. So forget perfect technique, hundreds of records, exhilarating performances and the top notch records he has broken his modesty, humility and controlled approach to life alone is enough to bestow greatness upon him.

The Media Overdoing things:

If you feel that the media is overdoing things for Sachin then please realize that you are in the naive category. The Media doesn't do stories that don't have positive viewer feedback. For them it's all about TRP ratings.
So the Media is only dishing out what the people want to hear about even the small things in the great man's life.

Sachin's Contribution to India:

If every damn Indian even excels 1% to the ability at which Sachin in his/her own field of choosing then India will easily be the most super developed superpower in the world.

Hey he was the hope of India in 1989 when India didn't have money even to pay 5 days worth of imports. He was the only hope when all the other stars in the team nearly destroyed Indian Cricket with match fixing. He was the only hope when Indian Cricket tried to rebuild as a winning combination and helped others like Dravid, Saurav,Laxman and Kumble too achieve greatness. Don’t forget that he is the person who told the selectors that "Dhoni is the one who can lead India".

Respect other Sports:

Now that's a complicated question to answer.

I can answer it very simply asking "Is cricket asking you to neglect other Sports?"

But the explanation deserves a detailed explanation.
Chess and Cricket are the only hopes in world sport for India to have world champions. Thanks to Vishy both have exemplary following. You have any doubts about Chess' following just go to the weekly tournaments that happen and see the animated and enthusiastic crowds that throng these venues. But only Cricket among them is a television/viewer friendly spectacle. You can have following in a particular sport only if you assure your followers that you can become a world beater. Before the 1983 world cup win Indian Cricket was a loss making entity and in fact the 1987 Reliance World Cup was rescued by Ambani's philanthropy.

Aren't we giving enough hype to Badminton just because we have a Saina Nehwal? Tennis too had some following when the "Indian Express" of Lee-Mesh was Slamming Grand Slam after Grand Slam but after the Express derailed the interest dwindled.

And please tell me which other sport can we excel in? Football? Basketball? Athletics? What else?. Sadly we Indians don't have the bodies to do well in them and Cricket is the only hope.

Oh yes there are others like Shooting, Squash, but aren't they way too expensive for the ordinary Indian to follow.

Other Legends Retire not so much Noise:

Just answer these questions and if the answer to all of them is yes then I'll think about answering your question.

a) Did they last 24 years in their sport at the top?
b) Did they fool it without a single black mark?
c) Is that sport the only major sport in their country?
d) Is that sport the only thing that gives them hopes amidst all the troubles that they face in their everyday lives?
e) Have those people ever been a unifying force in a much divided country.

Also think above everything else he has been one of the most decent, dignified and professional sportsmen of all time something which is unachievable for most others. He will be what he is irrespective of the brashness of other people who are far beneath him and they can make as much noise as they want but can never take away from him what he represents.

You can't right?

Ok I stop now just out of fear that I may be Blocked or Un-friended by a lot of people on my list for occupying most of their Newsfeed.

And this post was part out of respect to Sachin and part out of anger at that those unnecessary questions that I felt were insulting the moist eyes I had as I watched him walk out of the field for the very last time.

Thank You Sachin! Now as a mid 30 year old I understand the greatness of your debut as a 16 year old in a hostile country with arguably one of the finest ever bowling attacks! Thank You!


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