HAPPINESS IS... playing cricket with friends.

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This page describes about a sport called Cricket. It provides information about the history of cricket. It tells the format of game and its rules. It also provides details about world's greatest player and teams.

HAPPINESS IS.. playing cricket with friends

The world's second most popular sport is Cricket. This game was believed to be discovered in England in the 16th-century. Later, it has become so popular that it has earned the title of, "World's Second Most Popular Game in the World".
This game follows a very simple rules. Cricket is about ball and bat game. http://img.wikinut.com/img/3-720j1fcg7xn52h/jpeg/100x100/preview.jpeg This game is played between two teams. A team contains eleven players. One team bats, attempting to score runs, while the other bowls and fields the ball. A player who bats is known as Batsman. Two batsman are allowed at the beginning of the game. One stands to bat the bowl and the other waits for his chance. Once the ball is hit, then batsman runs to exchange their places. After the successful exchange of crease, the other batsman is allowed to bat now. The objective of the bowler and fielder is to make this batsman out of the game. The bowler bowls the game and try to hit the ball to stumps. Stumps are the three sticks placed behind the batsman. Batsman try to avoid the ball hitting stump by hitting it with his bat. Fielders need to catch the ball once hit by batsman and try to avoid batsman to take runs. That's the main rules of the game. But it is made more interesting by applying various instructions to bowlers, batsman and fielders. Two persons normally known as Umpire has the rights to control the game.
This game is played internationally between two countries. The famous part is the World Cup which is played once in four years. It is organised by ICC(International Cricket Council). Later, Twenty-20 was introduced in 21st-century which made this game more interesting. The Twenty-20 takes place once in two years. It is also organised by the same ICC.
The countries that won the world cup are as follows in order:
1. 1975 - West Indies
2. 1979 - West Indies
3. 1983 - India
4. 1987 - Australia
5. 1992 - Pakistan
6. 1996 - Sri Lanka
7. 1999 - Australia
8. 2003 - Australia
9. 2007 - Australia
10. 2011 - India
11. 2015 - Australia.
The top two players that will never be forgotten are
1. Don Bradman of Australia.
2. Sachin Tendulkar of India.
This players have created a Records in the sports of cricket that are still unbeaten.
In India, cricket is worshiped a lot. Many kids and youth spend most of their time in playing cricket as one of the most entertainment sport.


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