Here are some gift guidelines for those who want to give a gift to a male

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Apart from Birthdays, you can always find a reason to give someone a gift, it might be as a sign of love, or maybe a "Thank you" gift and of course there is always Christmas, A gift can mean a lot to the person who receives it.

With some thought the gift will be well received, as they say "It's the thought that counts"

Mel Gibson film

There was once a film called
"What women want?"
It starred Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt and Marisa Tomei.

Mel Gibson who plays a chauvinistic executive who has an accident, and suddenly finds out he can hear what women are really thinking, it was a hilarious film and if you haven't seen it, do so at your next opportunity.

What we do NOT want

Anyway the reason for this post is a tip to all you lovely ladies on Wikinut who were wondering what last minute gifts to get for your man, well let me tell you now

"What men do NOT Want"

Socks and handkerchiefs, underpants and ties, Aftershave and slippers, as a man I look on these things as what I use in everyday life, and anyway I can buy these myself

Those wonderful sensible ladies

Women are wonderful and sensible and when buying things for themselves buy sensible things like clothes and shoes, handbags and makeup, in fact all those sensible everyday things, when we men give gifts to women, we might take them out to dinner, buy some flowers, chocolates, maybe some sexy underwear and expensive perfume

What we men want are not sensible things, but those things that you woman would never buy us in a thousand years, we don't want useful things, we want something we can play with

What we men DO want

Like a screwdriver that bends with a light on the end, or a remote control Ferrari or Aston Martin, and a scalextric, or how about a fart machine with a selection of different farts

Or how about some speakers that Light up and have water dancing inside them, or one of those remote control drones with a camera, well anyway I Just thought I would let you know, just in case

Did you Know

The most expensive present at the moment is Project Utopia, that 11-storey floating island from the bond film "The spy who loved me" it will cost you £100 million-plus (over $155.98 million) Don't worry we men would love to have it but we don't expect you to spend that much

How about you sending in your story or poem
Contrary to the popular myth, we don't all have a novel in us, but most of us have a story waiting to be written, now is your chance to tell us and the world your story.

Or maybe you are a bit of a poet and would like to see your poems on the web, we will publish anything that does not break the rules for FREE and pay you as well

So how about it, Start here

With thanks to all those wonderful people, who supplied the images and videos that helped to make this article

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author avatar Retired
12th Feb 2015 (#)

I find it a challenge to buy my husband and boys something because they already bought everything they want. They have motor bikes, quads, muscle cars, snow machines, etc. (men and their toys) Hmm, they don't have a drone yet. I'm just going to stick to a box of chocolates and socks, and maybe write them a poem:) They always need socks, love chocolates and I'll feed their soul with a inspirational words.
I enjoyed your article Johnny. It'll give women an idea as to what to give their man on special occasions.

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author avatar viewgreen
12th Feb 2015 (#)

Incredible article. Thank you for sharing this.

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author avatar writestuff
12th Feb 2015 (#)

Thanks for this interesting and insightful post.

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author avatar yugasini
13th Feb 2015 (#)

Thanks for post, have a nice day.

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author avatar Carol Roach
14th Feb 2015 (#)

One year I bought my man his first cell phone, this year we decided not to get each other anything, we don't have the money and both of us are sick with a cold and decided we will just stay home, no dinner out. We will make it up another time

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
16th Feb 2015 (#)

In Asia women did not have own income earlier times, but now men find it difficult to keep up with them in terms of knowledge, earnings, yearnings, least of all, the number of friends they manage to have! Well for men, their friends can be counted on fingers of one hand. Women do flatter men by buying clothes to make them look younger to keep up with their own looks!

Interesting suggestions, Johnnydod, hopefully women get the hint - siva

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
16th Feb 2015 (#)

Well done Johnny!

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author avatar Austee
6th Jun 2015 (#)

Good thing to know bout this. For me, give a gift which comes from your heart.

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