How To Be Invisible And Not Famous

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In the hardest times of our lives, we want to be famous, "special" people that have no problems seemingly. But the thing this article is that it takes the opposite "tack" to that wish in that it goes in the opposite direction of solve the problems within yourself and then genuine happiness will come, do not look to be famous or to others to cause your happiness.

Yesterday, I was in Beverly Hills, the home of the stars, and reality struck!

I was at my Doctor's office in Beverly Hills, well one of them anyway, and this Doctor is now my former Doctor, although I am starting this article off with a joke line, this article is serious. Anyhow, I am starting this article off like a joke, because that is what fulfillment through the auspices of others is, a joke, and often a giant joke. When I really think about getting fulfilled through press coverage and the like, I realize how "in the mud" the stars really are with their genuinely neurotic need to look good to others, and neglecting being good to themselves genuinely for the most part.

Looking good to others instead of being good to yourself is held up as an ideal, we can even tell this fact by the modeling industry and its history of eating disorders and crazy behavior after the "fame and fortune" has dried up.

So, Thursday, October 9th, 2014, I was in Beverly Hills where my former Doctor's office is located. My Doctor said, "you have to change providers because of your insurance coverage" Considering the situation, I was neither angry or surprised, I just called my medical group and changed Doctors after seeing my Doctor since 1996 and said to myself: "Oh, well, that's life and I guess change is in the air." What I am saying is that I get the message and I can handle the reality better than most "normal people", "ordinary people" or whatever you want to call people that are not avant garde, artistic, autistic (I was diagnosed autistic in 1979) or strange. All I did was shake my Doctor's hand, say thanks for her service, leave and let my insurance do what it needs to do for me for my next Doctor.

The point of this article is to tell you about a situation that comes up for all of us, and it is basic change of reality, not just to write about a situation in my life. Everyone wants an ideal situation where they are the trouble-free hero that wins all the time (they think). They do not want to hear the words in their story, "then tragedy strikes!" (they think) Sometimes the next level is more trouble than it is worth (they think). But some of the best game changers and level raisers come through seeming tragedy and mess.

Right now (and when I was walking through Beverly Hills on Wilshire past Beverly Boulevard to Cresent Way where my former Doctor is) I am thinking of Michael Robert "Mike" Milken, a well known financier who went through prison and prostate cancer, yet he is more rich, powerful, heroic and influential than he was when he was wearing the toupees, power business suits and being a simple investment banker in bonds, stocks and high-yield securities. Yet, now he presents a humble image of a simple bald guy who has been through a lot and wears blue jeans and sport coats. So, when I talk about tricky living, he comes to my mind as a good example of what it means to survive and prosper although madness is the seemingly "happening" way to do things. Instead of being a flashy villain like he seemed like in the 1980s, he is a humble-seeming hero that nobody asks questions of now. Also, when he makes appearances, he seems more happy and centered than that "rich guy" that was easy to villify. My point is not envious or fearful of change, but it is saying that it happens to all of us rich or poor, and we should always welcome the next level however it comes. That is reality.

The fantasy is that everything will stay the same, and the fulfillment comes from outside our perceptions with us static and the perceptions of the public counting for something. No! It is within our perceptions of reality, not in fame, stardom, infamy, or flashy, thrilling crap. After all, what was the lesson of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow anyway in the 1920s and 1930s depression-era?

After all, I will end this section by saying: "As a person thinks in their heart, so are they." instead of "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." After all, the winner is you if you survive and thrive.


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14th Oct 2014 (#)

Interesting post and one of a kind writing!

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