How and how not to shot to Stardom as Jack Of All Trades

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This article is about the pros and cons of running after your stardom dream. It's a timeless article that brings to the table a variety of social revolutions that we saw since the 60s'. Targeting both the Entertainment industry workers and followers. We have a subject matter as we use in Sociological Analysis processes, and we are putting this subject matter on a tangible object. This object as simple as it can be, is a talented young fella who wants to achieve his American dream.

Provoked to Think, Think to be Rejected

Thinker... Writer... Author... They are all the same except one reactive step they take. Thinker considers many different ideas altogether, but can't come up with one to create a product. Writer pens many different articles one after another, but can't come up with a medium to orientate them. Whereas someone more professional in this field, someone like an author, can come up with different products for different mediums; since he/she has learnt how to think differently, to think differently from self and from others. Authors can inscribe when others can only think or write what they think. Inscribing is a matter of thinking differently.

To think differently, firstly one does need to figure out the process of how to think. This process starts with understanding definitions and making definitions through that understanding. Ideas on the importance of defining facts are built on top of sceptical thinking. Hence, to doubt is the second step of thinking differently. If you have a definition of a matter, then you raise doubts about other definitions to that same matter, and finally it is time to compare the two definitions. To put this process into effect, let's mention that we have a definition named "Jack". Jack is directly and simply, commonly known as the friendly fellow we all imagine of when his name is mentioned.

The Bean and The Jack-Stalk

But when Jack is confronted with a magical bean, he is not that same Jack as we imagined him. What happens to Jack, when he starts believing in a bean being magical? In reality, which never is made of fairy tales, it was not actually Jack who climbed on a beanstalk that supernaturally grew from underground reaching above the clouds; it was actually a bean who hated Jack so much, when Jack took the bean in the palm of his hand and dreamt of fighting with giants. The bean hated Jack so much that it let all the people around Jack, call him Jack-ass. But this was a children's fairy tale, and when those people around Jack were telling this tale to children, they just didn't want to say the word "ass". So Jack was named the Jack-stalk after his ass. If you are a dreamer, and you believe that one day your dream will be real, I'm not going to call you a loser, but I just hope your name is not Jack. You need to have a catchy, a top of mind name in the 21st century, so that talent hunters can actually recall who you are; and just make sure if someone recalls your name, they don't recall it by dint of a joke.

Reality has nothing to do with dreams. A dream is never real. Even if you accomplish it, you'll certainly come to a point of understanding that dreams didn't make you succeed. It was only a relaxation method you used, when you're confronted with bitter facts of life, you needed to dream so you could have focused on the horizon you aimed for. The ultimate key for success in following your dream is to kill your dream. How can one kill a dream? This was a strategy set down by the Chinese historical figure Chuan Tzu three thousand years ago: "Use your dream wisely, and never get used by it, and used up by."

Jack the St-ripper

When you are reading these, it was all over for Jack. He dreamt to fight with giants. But as a result he found himself as a male stripper in 1888 of London, England undergrounds. Should we always trust the media? Should we always think the same way as we were taught of the history? If one day you'll become an archivist or a historian, you will certainly find out that all the "Jack The Ripper"s in history were actually "Jack The Stripper"s. They all stripped down from tip to toe, feeding their unruly lusts, in order to get those people across their stage "looking at" them. There were also others in the crowd who looked at them differently and said "we found our new hero". Jack the Ripper was always known as the most villain and most vicious serial killer of all time, and arguably the first known serial killer in media. Serial killers, in a way, help both the media and the society be more religious, more introverted, more scared against discoveries, and hence more inclined to believe in modern lies. Don't get me wrong, serial killers are killers. But why do they kill and what do they tell to press when they were interviewed, is a smart game of media falsities. When the technology is developed and economy is expanded, look at what sociologists line up on their studies: The Generations.

Lost Generation... Silent Generation... G.I. Generation... Baby Boomers... Generation X... Generation Y... And now Homeland Generation. It's strange that when you examine, at the end of every generation, there is always a new serial killer. Baby Boomers were scared of Technology, they didn't want technology to develop, because they were afraid that their children wouldn't be able to grow up healthily or safely with technology. But the economy needed to expand, they needed consumers to start using new technology products, and wished them getting addicted to it. Generation X were addicted to TV. But Baby Boomers weren't. And because Generation X were addicted to TV, they liked watching Bonnie And Clyde shooting and killing people on screen, while their parents were afraid of Bonnie And Clyde. But Generation X never wanted to be like Bonnie And Clyde, they only liked witnessing what these serial killers have done. In the next generation, Bonnie and Clyde have become heroes. Generation Y all wanted to be another Bonnie and another Clyde. Bonnie and Clyde were heroic. Further ahead, Homeland Generation, which is the current one, don't even consider Bonnie and Clyde as heroic serial killers. For Homeland Generation, Bonnie and Clyde were fools, since they didn't have strong reason to kill, and strong plot to plan those murders. This is when the importance of Charles Manson stepped up. But why did Charles Manson wait for 40 years to explain his belief beyond killing people? For some reason, the timing of the end of the evolution of people lives getting attached to digital technology is within similar timing when Charlos Manson's trial day at the court came.

Jack the Jack Dawson from Titanic

The true color of societies come to field of vision, only when there is a disaster or a break-down. Now as we discuss the transition from the Generation Y to the Homeland Generation, in order to find out what the media differentiate the generations with, we need Jack again. Jack first dreamt of fighting with giants, but ended up becoming a stripper. Well, Mick Jagger is right; "you can't always get what you want". But Jack now plays his hand more wisely. He was a stripper, and wasn't a criminal. But his "American Dream" made him so. In that point, does crime come from the same values that have motivated Americans since the Revolution? Jack Dawson in Titanic has the American dream in probably the most simple way possible to accomplish today: "To go to New York and see the Statue of Liberty". That's all his big American dream is. When you meet Jack Dawson in Titanic, you'll think to yourself that it's normal for everybody all around the world to have an American dream. But when you get on the Titanic, the America is already in there. The first game show ever "The Dating Game(1965)" is in there with all the different classes of society which in 1977 during the next game show "The Price is Right" a young lady with an American dream commits wardrobe malfunctioning in order to reach her American dream. What is wardrobe malfunctioning? If Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and Paris Hilton "perform" a wardrobe malfunctioning, "oops, my breast! Sorry it was just an accident" on top of this 1977 incident on TV, will they earn more fame, or is this their way of achieving the American dream, where achieving is a way of killing the dream? This is a matter of shared values, but these values are only shared within the understanding of the transition from the Generation Y to the Homeland Generation, as stated by Messner and Rosenfeld in their works of "Crime and the American Dream(Wadsworth Publishing Company,1997)" :

1- An achievement orientation made of material success, to create a better you out of your own self.
2- A pursuit of private gain in competition with others who don't deserve their place, for rewards and status(but mostly for fame).
3- An open notion regardless of social background, of the social class you came from.
4- Obsession with money.

These are most common shared values, among all who want to reach their own American dream. And as we discussed before, you can never reach a dream, unless you use it and manipulate it, since you know that if you don't use it, you'll get used by and used up by it. Why da hell I keep repeating this; is this a song or what?

Jack the Inscriber

Now here is how one can become an author, after this long and self-inflicted journey of trying to hit the stardom. The not-a-star author would contribute to inscribing in research articles, investigative reports and magazine columns as a professional. But in his flickering eye pupils, Jack the Dreamer is still buried alive. Jack may have been become a talk-show producer today. It's not because that he didn't achieve his dream, instead he didn't want to be part of the filthiness in the pool of others' dreams. Whether this way or another Jack still has a lot to unload and pour out.



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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
23rd Oct 2013 (#)

Nice post!

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
24th Oct 2013 (#)

Meet Jack - That is my name from my school days wherein I was known for wearing a hat and walking around in the campus well known for music and life back in the day and dance like Michael Jackson. Well that completes the Jack of All Trades as I am One and Master of ALL as I love to learn till it is mastered.
BTW, I am also a Mrs. New Zealand finalist aged 34 and still do ALL of the Above mentioned and more as it is essentially ME. I love being on stage....

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