I am writing on a sensitive topic, but, it needs to be written about (This is not gossip)

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When I look at Charlie Sheen and his supportive Father Martin Sheen, I think of how my sister died in 2006 of Aids with my Mother by her side. Of course, I kept track of what was going on and I picked up my sister's ashes with my Mother from the mortuary in Las Vegas. But when I hear how not seriously Mr. Sheen takes Aids, I cannot help but think, "is this what society comes down to?"

The spirit of sadness will not bring me down this day!

Sure, I am not sick enough to be totally happy or "Pollyanna" realistic about things. But I still am triumphant and optimistic about life for myself no matter what bad may come. Happiness comes through the good, sure. But total understanding of how to be happy comes through the bad. All I realized through Charlie Sheen's and my sister's plights is the total understanding of how to be happy and how to live better for myself fully. I think my Mother at a very deep level realizes the same thing and as long as I have breath in my reality and work to do, I will do it.

Sure, Charlie Sheen's Father Martin Sheen is supportive, but, as long as there is this scourge in the world affecting us all in a bad way without a real cure. All the support and "drug cocktails" that can be taken do not make things any better, it all still leads to ultimate death however great the short term "optimistic outlook". So, it cannot be denied, reality takes its toll on the best of us and on the worst of us. But it always comes out best for those who do not take life for granted. That is my big, giant point. It always comes out better for those who do not take life for granted. Charlie Sheen is breaking some sort of unwritten law thinking money and "drug cocktails" will "cure it all" ultimately. No matter how it is looked at from that direction once you have crossed the HIV positive line, that is the ultimate death sentence no matter how many tactics to stave it off are taken. Sure, I am being coldly realistic here, but, is there any other way to be? No, there is not if you do want to look at things rationally, realistically and in a way that works for life and genuine existence. So, I end this section with the title with a little modification: The spirit of sadness will not bring me down this day or I refuse to let any sadness affect me. I would rather come up with creative solutions anyway.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
21st Nov 2015 (#)

I think it is terrible that he had multiple partners and did not disclose his HIV status to them as well. You are right this is a serious matter, one not to be taken lightly.

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author avatar Madan g singh
21st Nov 2015 (#)

This is very topical post. Yes, this disease is the ultimate death sentence and needs to be taken seriously. No frivolous matter. Thanks for highlighting it

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author avatar Retired
21st Nov 2015 (#)

Madan, Fortunately it is no longer true that HIV is "the ultimate death sentence", and this is not even true of AIDS if the right drugs are available.

Survival rates are now much better than they were even as recently as 2006, so Joshua's family tragedy need not be repeated anything like as often as was the case then.

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author avatar JoshuaClayton
22nd Nov 2015 (#)

I understand what you are saying John, but the "right drugs" are very expensive and a big cocktail to stay alive and healthy. But in many ways, you are right. I was mostly writing from the perspective I had from 2001 to 2006.

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