In Memorial To A Born Princess, Diana of Wales

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While Princess Diana was alive I never paid much attention to her or the royal life she circulated in. Having seen her on her wedding day, I knew that Prince Charles had gotten a beautiful soul as his wife.

Enter The Princess Diana

I didn't know that Princess Diana had gotten a divorce in 1996 until by chance I saw it in the paper or on television, I was busy raising my sons (I have 3) and for me it was all i could do to keep up with them. But when I found out about her and Prince Charles divorce I thought well I sincerely hope that she will find real love now and not let the complicated relationship she had had with Charles deter her in finding a happy life. As for their children I hoped that they would both be loved and the sharing of their up-bringing be a smooth transistion for them. I had adored her boys ever since they were born.

You Cannot Help Who You Love

It seems before Diana came along, Prince Charles had fallen in love with some one else and that love would endure, as he was not one to transfer his affections easily. But the love of his life, Camilla Parker Bowles, was viewed as not suitable. I will mention here that Charles tried to love Diana, you must give him credit for that. For Diana was a young and impressionable girl and easy to love. As Charles and Diana had two beautiful boys come from their marriage we really must give them credit for trying to marry the correct person, but Charles had given his heart to another and no matter how hard it was to get back, he could not do it.

Princess Diana of Wales

Princess Diana however did love her husband and I watched her struggle through her love for him and her final realization that it was best to let Charles go his way and her to dedicate herself to doing what job she did best, which was loving and being charitable to the United Kingdom as well as the world.
Yes she searched for love also, but she found it not. At the time of her death, she was still trying to find love and a happy life.

At This Time Now

Today thanks to the suffering that Charles and Diana went through, their son, William got to marry the woman he loved, who is just about to give birth to the future heir to the crown of England.
If the media hadn't chased and killed Princess Diana she would be alive today to welcome her first grandchild. But for the nosy media photographers, she is no longer in this world. I hope she is looking down upon her sons, wanting them to be happy as she and Charles had not been.
Prince Charles married the love of his life, which he should have been able to do anyway, but we would have missed the introduction of Princess Diana and although she suffered a lot, for her sons sake I am so glad they were born.

The Future

It is my sincere wish that mistakes like this do not happen in the future. I hope Prince Harry and the rest of the royals will be able to marry who they fall in love with. I really really wish though that Princess Diana could have lived to see her children grow up and be happy as well as her grandchildren be born. In my secret heart I really want that to happen.
Also you must take into account that Camilla Parker Bowles, now Prince Charles' wife was not responsible for Diana's unhappiness. It was just circumstances and being born a Lady. Into the "right" family.
One thing is for sure, that I noticed through the media, was that Princess Diana was not born a princess royal, but she was a born Princess. Real in every sense of the word. And I dare to say Queen Of So Many Hearts of the World.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
16th Jul 2013 (#)

lovely indeed my friend and fab pics...thank you

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author avatar Delicia Powers
17th Jul 2013 (#)

Wonderful tribute, thanks Grumpybear...

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author avatar Trillionaire
19th Jul 2013 (#)

Great tribute.

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author avatar Mariah
22nd Jul 2013 (#)

A lovely page GB .
It was so sad for Diana to helplessly watch her husband love another woman.
Diana was 'selected' as a suitable wife for Charles and to produce heirs for the throne.
Had the marriage to Charles been sincere, she would still be alive today, because she wouldn't have been in a car speeding away from paparazzi through the tunnel in Paris where she died in that horrific crash.
You have chosen lovely images.Thanks for this share

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author avatar Retired
23rd Jul 2013 (#)

I would have loved to see her with her new grandson. Maybe she's looking down on him.

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author avatar Mariah
23rd Jul 2013 (#)

Me too Claire, was just saying the same as you last night how sad she's not here to hold him.
I'm sure she's looking down on him

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
26th Jul 2013 (#)

I have to agree with Mariah dear Grumpybear . If Charles had let go of Camilla and really tried hard to love Diana , the end of the story would have been so different today . It made me very sad for her , but the past is gone , and we have to move forward and pray that the future will hold much happiness now for all concerned in this drama...which has been played out under the scrutiny of millions of eyes .
Bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar Grumpybear
26th Jul 2013 (#)

My only regret was she didn't get to find the love of her life. She came along too late with Charles, so I don't regret that Charles did love Diana at First. Just she wasn't his great love. It was not Camellia's fault for the heart will not be dictated to. I know. But with Diana she had already rebounded and would have found her true love if not for her untimely death. But this incident has provided for Prince William to have the love of His life so I know Diana would have wanted that more than anything else. She wanted her sons to be happy, and I am hoping Prince Harry finds his true and great love too.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
27th Jan 2015 (#)

Great article! I loved Princess Diana! I feel so bad about the way her life ended.

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