In the Shadow of One's Star

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Since the the beginning of the twentieth century, Hollywood has been at the forefront of the movie-making industry, and as such simultaneously created the 'Celebrity'. From Charlie Chaplin to Brad Pitt, these actors take on a persona in our world which leads us to perceptions about their acting style, and this is in many ways limiting and a true disservice to the diversity they may show if it were not for their shining star.

Box Office Flock

The cinema is our fondest way to lose ourselves in another world, a voyeurism so richly immersive we see ourselves as someone or something else for two incredible hours. The stories we love make us crawl inside its warming tapestry. And when your movie goes big in Hollywood, you better believe you have become a part of pop culture forever. This is the blessing in disguise that a lot of actors face, losing your talents in a character, a persona, a misguided stereotype that has swallowed you whole. This is an extremely unfair and completely incorrect behavior to practice.

Cruise Control

A perfect example of this injustice can be seen in the public view of Tom Cruise. While he may not be a deeply transformative actor capable of standing alongside Sir Laurence Olivier and Robert De Niro, we still must appreciate the enormous contributions he has made to Hollywood and our own entertainment. His own box office clout was created by Top Gun, and this has set the tone for his public image ever since. Sure it can seem cheesy, over the top and dated, but we must remember that his was a product of the 1980s and perfectly fits in with the cinema of this time, and one Maverick should account for disregarding all his work since. Listing some of his films: Jerry Maguire, Rain Man, Eyes Wide Shut, Magnolia, A Few Good Men; these are powerful performances that may often play on his larger than life persona but never surrender to it. He brings somehting new each time, and all the effort and enthusiasm that comes with that. He is the epitome of a Hollywood Star, someone who almost everyone has seen in at least one of his film roles. Perhaps it is his easy to please smile, the 'Ladies Man' portrait so many people hold against celebrities. But we should appreciate his talents, because he has done everything from all out action blockbuster (Mission Impossible) to serious character work (Rain Man) and succeeded in every aspect; I guarantee that most people will say they like most of the movies they see him in, but it seems very few want to like him, and it is a shame.

Public Eye of the Hurricane

There are actors who fall into this trap to an even greater extent, and one of the prime examples is Brad Pitt. HIs name has become so intertwined with a one-dimensional piece of eye candy that people forget his enormous talents as an actor. He may not attract the same ridicule as as Cruise, but it is still a matter of appreciating his ability to entertain! Did he not amaze us with Benjamin Button, shock us with Lt. Aldo Rein and thrill us with Tyler Durden? Of course he did, and we all know how great it was. But just like many products of the Hollywood system, his name goes before him, suffocating his performances and diluting the perception of his talents.

Perhaps it is their willingness to be in the public eye, their openness, or maybe it's their natural charm that has proved their downfall. Those actors we associate with great talent- Robert De Niro, Daniel Day-Lewis, Michael Fassbender; they all have quiet lives outside of the screen we so lust to see them inhabit. So the question is, does it have to be one or the other- cosmopolitan celebrity lifestyle or full apprecation of one's talents?


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author avatar Joyce Singha
5th Aug 2014 (#)

Good post. While we may appreciate actors and all their good looks, they should just stick to acting or at least pretend to. My beef with the whole lot is when they espouse their politics and expect the same following e.g the latest being Bardem and Cruz about Israel issue and just as quickly backing off :)

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author avatar Retired
5th Aug 2014 (#)

I must agree with Joyce (above). Celebrities ought to stick to what they do best, which is acting like somebody other than themselves. When they propound their politics on their audiences by gaining attention with their "celebrity" is when I'd like never to see another of their performances again.

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author avatar HacBao
31st Aug 2014 (#)

Interesting article

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