Iris Halshaw: The Gifted Child

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About a child inflicted with Autism that possesses rare gift and her journey to life with extraordinary friend and supportive family.


This featured gifted child was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD). She is currently grabbing headlines around the world for her wonderful painting at par with the Masters like Monet or Renoir. Iris Halshaw is only 5 years old and have a therapy cat name Thula.

Iris and Thula

The Gifted Child
(in praise of Iris Halshaw*)

Does the none eye contact represent a protected window of her soul?
Does the limited verbal makes her mind peon to standard norm?
Is her brush stroke not evidence enough to tell the world
her genius is profoundly recognizable in full color?
As pronounce as the constellation in heavens
as deep as the darkness of mental abyss
the mystery of this ever glowing child
can only be fathomed by unlocking
the metaphor over her canvass
resembling one truly divine
art flowing into her hand
a mind possessed
by purest beauty
of an innocent
child of


Art Encounter

If you think the above impressionist-style paintings are lost masterpieces of either Monet or Renoir. you are goofed--This are recent composition which are changing hands for thousands of dollars -- were painted by a five-year-old girl who is unable to speak. Yes a 5 yr old child, embarrassing most self proclaimed artist.(includes this author).Many specialist actually see the artworks as created by sage above seldom seen in ages,

Meet Iris Halmshaw, a child with autism (CWA) from Leicestershire, UK, who has been producing these striking artworks since she was three. Her incredible journey began when Iris was two. Carter-Johnson and her spouse, Peter-Jon Halmshaw, understood that something wasn't right: she had not gotten any words, and seldom looked. "We researched it ourselves," her mom reviews, "but as parents, you are always hoping that there was some other explanation.." Iris was formally diagnosed after being alarmed of her inability of not picking-up any words and rarely made eye contact - an Autism signs... As per Carter-Johnson, the specialist was "depressing" in light of the fact that he let them know that not very many treatments lived up to expectations.


Like all parent it's an initial blow for the couple.Not to be dissuaded, the couple left on "long nights of research", which drove them to the thought of craftsmanship treatment. This young maestro got painting methods incredibly rapidly, and a little while later was investing much time at deal with her canvases. Note worthy on the world of Iris is the arrival of her therapy cat name Thula.The Maine Coon breed and Iris are now inseparable from day one – and Iris's parents credit the gentle feline with assisting their little girl become more tactile and affectionate, as well as influencing her already much-acclaimed works of art.. As declared by her mother "The pair's closeness is having an effect on Iris's relationships with others, too, when Thula is around"

Astoundingly for a young child of her age, her sessions included around two hours of predictable focus and bonding with her found four legged friend. With her collection,success was easily measured , by attracting over a million page views from more than 200 countries on her website created by her father who documented her works since age 2.. A true Gifted Child. for all of us to love..


Image Credit: Saigon De Manila, Arabella Carter-Johnson
Art Credit: "Dance to the Oboe" by Iris Grace Halmshaw
Source: Cable New Network

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author avatar GenkiWorld
20th Jan 2015 (#)

autistic children are often incredibly gifted. my baby cousin is one of them, yet her parents fail to see this, i will hve to show them this wonderful story of yours and perhaps it will help them see their child diferently than they do now.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
23rd Jan 2015 (#)

Thank you Genki, please do share the story...never mind if they don't join the site =)

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
20th Jan 2015 (#)

You dont know how smart these children can be, beautiful story and girl too!

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
23rd Jan 2015 (#)

Am no Mr "I can't see forest for the trees" and. I dont live in the Ivory tower too.. I connect, undertsand the forest and smell the grass since i am a Special Need to being my advocacy.

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author avatar Carol Roach
21st Jan 2015 (#)

this little girl is a savant. How can you do poetry like that?

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
21st Jan 2015 (#)

Hi Carol..was your question a criticism or flattery =) anyway it two things either the shape poetry or the basic Tetratys (10 syllables to 1 in descending order) tetratys is quite tight so eventually i fall to free flowing free verse in shape poetry like this "gifted child"

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
5th Feb 2015 (#)

A good story of a precocious child. I'm not getting into the form of the poem.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
3rd Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks for dropping by...GV!

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