James Bond Advocates Violence not World Peace

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Comparing the Character James Bond with the elements that make up the coldness of the ISIS should be changed into a more unilateral way of saving the world by someone who has heart and love of country. While it is stated that Mr. Bond has love of country but shows no remorse for pulling the trigger. ION Productions needs to soften up the character letting Daniel Craig take the lead in becoming MI 6 Agent with real feelings.

Violent Acts without Remorse Should Stop

Today the world is faced with many violent acts because of those who have no regards for human life. The life we hold so dear has now become a commodity on the market for those who have no regards for human existence. Making those movies where young men who are orphans and care not for human life are able to kill with no feelings or showing any remorse afterwards is a sign of human depravity. While James Bond the character is supposedly a MI 6 Secret Service Agent for the British Government protecting his country and the world he is also depicted as a cold blooded killer. The agent is not expected to have a very long life span. Orphaned in early life turned his heart into stone. Turning him into a robot with no feeling or regards for human life but marriage and children can change him into a real human being.

Consider how we should depict our government agents

Today we must reconsider how we depict our government agents no matter what part of the world they come from. We have those who are brained washed by ISIS into thinking that killings are necessary and do it in a cold calculus manner but our "free world" should set a higher standard. In order to combat our foe we must show our agents victorious but with love and kindness for country and family. Destruction of the world is coming about as we come apart at the seams with shootings, bombings, terror attacks and all sorts of crimes against humanity.

We need to stop and take check of what we show our children and watch ourselves. The ethics behind providing safety and keeping the world safe. We should not make our hero's out to be cold hearts assigns with no regard for human life. We need hero's with heart and soul saving us from those who are heartless. We need to instill the value of life no matter the race or religion.

Daniel Craig depicting James Bond only advocates violence today

The ability to shoot someone without blinking an eye simply because he has a license to kill is ridiculous. Shooting others in the back or blowing up areas where people who are innocent should be handled in a different format for our on going agents. We need a powerful image to show a greater character than our enemies.

It is true we need agents from around the world to infiltrate groups that are busy trying to destroy our society. We must encourage our movie makers to start making more action movies about the problems of today using action figures like James Bond. Daniel Craig is an excellent example of MI 6 Agent because he shows more realism than previous Bond characters. His parts as an agent should be revised to have him as a more caring person. Doing the job because we need active agents in the field not because he enjoys killing.

While he cannot be half monk and half assign to get the job done it is possible to show some remorse at times. Through the eyes of Mr. Craig we no longer see James Bond as a cartoon character but a real live individual representing British Agents around the world. This being said now the writers should make him more humane for the free world society but with heroic adventures.

Make James Bond the next world hero

Instead of showing Bond as a cold blooded killer who would go to any lengths to wipe out Spectre we need to update his status as an agent who cares about country and family. Spectre ended with an excellent way of presenting Bond with a wife and perhaps a son and/or daughter. This would help to add a better tone to working as a secret agent. No longer the cold heart but more of the family type character.

It could have a bit more humor and possibly regrets at killing. While the use of guns and bombs are a reality because of the terror groups who are trying to cause chaos around the world then the Secret Agents must also use weapons to stop the actions of these groups. This part of their lives Mr. Craig has already showed in some of the movies he has made as agent 007 by looking away as a person he just stabbed is dying. Showing no pleasure in the kill but necessary because of his circumstances as an agent.

James Bond New Role Played by Daniel Craig a Must

James Bond could relate the visibility of cell groups by infiltrating and destroying their leaders. The set up would extend around the world finding killers who plan on bombing countries to cause chaos.

Daniel Craig now being an older gentlemen much more mature than in previous Bond movies would be excellent in the part as a family man with a more loving nature because of his family. The family could be illusive only in his thoughts or a reality depending on the writers point of view. It would be interesting to show him as an MI 6 Agent taking his family to Disney World on vacation running into entanglements that make him fear for his family.

The right child actor could get involved in some of the action having Mr. Craig getting involved to save his family. Funny scenes of course could happen as always when children are involved. Just one aspect of redoing the 007 character into modern society.The character of being a family man does take away from the free spirit of a single man having sex with everyone around the world. Instead make him a devoted husband who enjoys having a wife. That could also help set morality into our society today.

Wife of 007

Since the ending of Spectre showed Mr. Bond leaving with a doctor by his side using this format cell groups could be discovered by his wife while working at hospital. The format and writing should be left up to the writers if they are willing to take on a new status of using family, love of country, and concern for individual life instead of the coldness of killing for pleasure. Instead depict the coldness and carelessness of the enemy. The use of their ability to enlist young people around the world through the internet. The fact of the harshness suffered once they left the safety of their own country. The fact that death means nothing to our enemies while life is sacred to all of us in the free world.

James Bond Movies are Block Busters seen around the World

The fact is that James Bond-007 are block buster movies seen around the world that could put a good image forward for today's society. Making the movies a truer version of what cells are about, how ISIS recruits, and the use of the internet. Social media is an alarming tool that can persuade many young impressionable minds to join a cause. It is a dangerous tool in the hands of fools who wish to destroy mainstream society. ION Production could help set a new presents in today's world. They could enlist a new person to play the part of James Bond. But I believe that Daniel Craig is still the best actor to make such a movie or series of movies.

Mr. Craig has already brought the character to a much higher level than previous actors and could excel in bringing Bond into the new world of chaos with a much more meaningful touch. That is of course, if Daniel Craig is up for the change in his status as an MI 6 agent. Perhaps he might like to introduce a James Bond jr. who would take over his position. Who knows what the future might bring in the upcoming 007 movies. But as an avid fan of Daniel Craig I wish him all the best in his future pursuits. He help change the image of a character that was long overdue.


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author avatar writershirley lopez
20th Jul 2016 (#)

what do you think about using a world famous character portrayed by Daniel Craig as a means to change the view on violence? James Bond needs a bit of an upgrade and Mr. Craig would still be excellent as 007

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author avatar writershirley lopez
20th Jul 2016 (#)

Agreed probably the only hit movie at this time that could out do social media.

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author avatar writershirley lopez
20th Jul 2016 (#)

what do you think about using a world famous character portrayed by Daniel Craig as a means to change the view on violence? James Bond needs a bit of an upgrade and Mr. Craig would still be excellent as 007

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13th Feb 2020 (#)

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