John Du Pont: heir and murderer

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Ever hear of John DuPont with the movie named Foxcatcher about him? This article is not going to be based on the film, but rather some information I found when I researched him on the Internet.

The life and interests of John Du Pont

John Du Pont was born to William Jr and Jean Lisiter Austin Du Pont, on November 22, 1938. He was an heir to the great Du Pont fortune.
John had many interests, and with all his money, he indulged his interests.
He had interests of nature. He started a museum called Delaware Museum of Natural History in 1972. He made himself the director of the museum.
He went to different exotic locales to see wildlife. Two of those places are the Fiji Islands and Samoa. He wrote four books on birds while he was director of the Museum.

John Du Pont's education

John started school at Haverford School for Boys that is boys College Preparatory School that he graduated from in 1957. He then had the experience of going to an Ivy League school which are not easy to be accepted as a student. But he didn't even finish his freshman year.
He eventually went back to school and graduated with a degree in Marine Biology from the University of Miami in 1965

John Du Pont and his interest in the Pentathlon.

John Du Pont developed an interest in sports. One day he woke up and decided he was going to do a pentathlon. He decided he would do it in the 1984 Olympics. The Olympics were held in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. A Pentathlon is a sport that is five games in one. In this sports, judges give the men performing the games points. oFr how they performed in each sport. The man with the most points wins the Olympic Gold medal. The sports are epee fencing, horseback jumps, shooting a pistol, cross country run, freestyle swimming.
He went to California's Santa Clara Swim Team.But he failed to make the team.

John Du Pont and wrestling

He decided he had a keen interest in wrestling.First, he indulged his interest in the sport by becoming Head Coach of Villanova only for the reason he gave the University money to start a team. But they folded after two years and the team was disbanded because John was accused of sexual abuse and other not nice things.
He started Foxcatcher National Training Center.This was on his mother's estate where he also lived. When his mother died in 1988 he renamed the estate Foxcatcher.
And he gave all his time to his wrestlers and ended up succumbing to mental illness and murdered a wrestler, Dave Schultz, a Gold medal Olympic winner in 1984 and was coming back for a second time.

John and hIs jail term and death

He boarded himself up in his library on his estate and came out after two days. Then he had a trial and was found guilty of 3rd-degree murder and mentally ill, He was given 13-30 years. He served his sentence in Laurel Highlands Prison in Somerset, Pennsylvania.
He hired the best lawyers, but they could not get him out of prison that he was sent to in 1997. He died in prison in 2010 on December 9 of acute aspiration pneumonia,


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21st Jan 2015 (#)

An interesting, but sad, story.

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
5th Feb 2015 (#)

The super rich have some odd character traits. I can't understand why he committed a murder.

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