Kate Middleton: the Future Queen of England

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Some thoughts on the Duchess of Cambridge, her dress, and her conduct.

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Kate Middleton is a beautiful young woman. She is also wife and mother to future kings of England. There is criticism on the web about her wardrobe and conduct in public. If I criticize her below, it is only to try to influence her to make better choices.
Kate is an exhibitionist. A quick look in the dictionary will show us that the word has two meanings: 1) A person who acts in such a way as to attract attention to himself; 2) a person given to indecent exposure.
Kate is both of these. William's mother was neither of them. Kate doesn't come from noble breeding. Her mother's name (Goldsmith) indicates a tradesman's family. Kate had to overcome this flaw to become a princess. She attracted William by standing out in the crowd, by being an exhibitionist, definition no. 1. It was on again, off again, but she finally got the prize she wanted. Once she became a part of the royal family she should have changed her behavior. The cameras are on her wherever she goes, whatever she wears or doesn't wear. She knows that the cameras are on her now. That hasn't produced the necessary change. Her skirts fly up in the wind, she wears thong panties under short skirts, she sunbathes in the nude.
I admit that I like her even more for this, but it is conduct unbecoming. Kate, wake up. You don't need to show a little flesh for people to love you; you've made it.
On the other hand, you can speak up for naturism, but it has nothing to do with your wardrobe malfunctions.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
22nd Nov 2013 (#)

Well that is the next Queeny after trailer trash Camilla who got the putt going right inside making it three in a marriage. One has clothes off with barely there garments to woo and the other the husband snatcher well, Long Live the Queen, the Queen is dead as they never respected the ACTUAL royal traditions of the monarchy....
Not that I consider her dressing the best, as I dressed better during my pregnancy wearing custom-made Hartnell and not long flowing dresses but moving button A Line Skirts with shirts on designer flat shoes.
Well the world worship the ground because of Diana but these two are limelight hoggers with the name of royalty attached to it now with Georgie Poggie Pudding and pie, like his uncle will kiss girls and make them cry.
Then Diana will come out to play, saying Hello Charlie have a nice day using the Chariots of Fire.

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