Lassie "Old Henry"

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I was watching an old episode of Lassie title "Old Henry."

Lassie "Old Henry"

I was watching an old episode of Lassie title "Old Henry."

It was a touching episode where Timmy (Jon Provost) was determined to buy an old horse who was too old to be of any value. The man who wanted to get rid of Old Henry was overheard that he would sell him for a "flat silver dollar." Well, Timmy goes to the bank and obtains a loan with his $1.00 allowance as collateral and a 10 cent repayment plan.

After Timmy gets his silver dollar to buy Old Henry, the man gives Timmy the horse and a very happy Timmy takes Old Henry home.

As Timmy grows attached to Old Henry, Timmy faces a problem: his father (Hugh Riley) doesn't think Old Henry is worth keeping on the farm because of his age. Timmy is told that they will have to find another home for Old Henry.

Timmy decides to prove that Old Henry can pull his wait on the family farm. So he sets out for an abandoned mine so Old Henry can help bring back an old wagon. But in the midst of trying to get the wagon, Timmy is trapped when there is a cave-in. Lassie heads for the Martin farm to get help from Timmy's father. As Timmy's father and mother use Old Henry to pull debris from the cave-in, they manage to get an opening that allows Lassie to jump through to find Timmy.

As Timmy's mother (June Lockhart) calls for Timmy, Timmy shows up unharmed. Through the ordeal, Timmy proved that Old Henry was able to pull his weight and the Martin family managed to get a harrow and plow for Old Henry. Timmy learned the value of money and how run a farm. In the end, Timmy's father gave him his own wallet (with Lassie's photo on it) and $2.00 (a $1.00 to repay his loan and $1.00 for good luck as Timmy's father put it.)

This episode of Lassie title "Old Henry" taught about the value of money and responsibility for business and caring for animals, whether they were a pet or used in business like a farm.



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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
18th Sep 2015 (#)

Awesome post!

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author avatar LifeisGood
21st Sep 2015 (#)

Thank you Fern.

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