Lewis Hamilton Dedicates his Win at Abu Dhabi to his Mother

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Lewis Hamilton emerges from his difficult period to take his third win in Formula One of the season, in Abu Dhabi, and dedicates it to his mother.

Lewis Hamilton Dedicates His Win in Abu Dhabi to his Mother

Lewis Hamilton has faced a lot of difficulties both on and off the circuit this year. A series of racing incidents, in which he was deemed at fault, pressure from Felipe Massa, who blames Lewis for his own bad season, and the recent split from Nicole Sherzinger after a four year relationship, have caused him to lose his usual upbeat frame of mind, and positivity, which has always set him apart from other racing drivers

This is what happened today 13th November

But this weekend was his mother’s birthday, and what could more special than the support of your mother, whether you are starting your first day at school, or simply trying to maintain your position as one of the greatest Formula One drivers ever? Lewis is just like the rest of us, and he needs the support of his family, and the love and encouragement to succeed , that it brings.

On Saturday, Lewis was beaten in the qualifying very fractionally by Vettel, in his Red Bull, which is the fastest car on the circuit. If all went according to expectations, Lewis could be expected to be second, as Mc Laren have yet to make their car match the pace of the Red Bull. Lewis always manages to get the very best out of his car, his skill and overtaking is well known, he has tremendous grit and determination, and with his mum there watching him, he would want to do her proud.

Vettel Led at the start

.At the start, Lewis maintained his second position, and it looked like Vettel was going to hold first, that is until the second corner. Vettel had been too eager off the start, he misjudged his speed at the first corner, bumping over the kerb, spun around on himself, leaving the track, because his tyre was now punctured, and in an attempt to drive back to get a new one, he damaged his car so it was not drivable any more, and was forced to retire from the race.

Lewis capitalised on that, but Alonso, further down the field decided to make it a proper race. He overtook Jenson Button comfortably, and then went in pursuit of Lewis. Now it was two of the best drivers in the world, both desperately wanting to win. Alonso managed to get within two seconds of Lewis at one point, but it didn’t appear to ruffle Lewis’s feathers. He drove a fine race, looked after his tyres when it mattered, and by the end was some nine seconds ahead.

Alonso was a threat at one time

The only time his lead was threatened, was when Alonso pitted, and Lewis was held up by back markers. He lost valuable time, but when Alonso emerged he was still far enough ahead to maintain his lead. It was encouraging to see that Mc Laren were really fast with his pit stops today, and the dawdling back markers served a drive through penalty for impeding his progress at a very nail biting time. It makes it only fair when it can compromise the race.

The elation on Lewis’s face on the podium, and at the Press conference was a joy to see, and as for his mum, the camera captured her joy at his victory on more than one occasion. Lewis had no hesitation in dedicating this win to her, as it was her birthday this weekend. Her best present I am sure was to share this superb victory with him today. This was Lewis's thrird win this year.


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author avatar Tranquilpen
13th Nov 2011 (#)

WOW Carol, you captured the whole spirit of the event and those pics a are fabulous as well A truly commendable gesture From Lewis Hamilton. Thank you

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author avatar Buzz
14th Nov 2011 (#)

Another great sports article, Carol. Congrats on the star page!

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author avatar Carol
14th Nov 2011 (#)

Thank you Tranquilpen and Buzz. I love formula one racing because of the amazing Lewis Hamilton!

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author avatar Denise O
14th Nov 2011 (#)

I agree with all that Tranquil has written. You do capture it well and with so much intensity. I am so happy for him and his mother, what a great present for a mother to have received on her birthday. Congrats on the star page, it was well deserved. As a;ways, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Carol
14th Nov 2011 (#)

Bless you Denise, and thank you so much. I enjoy writing about this subject so much!

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author avatar Funom Makama
16th Nov 2011 (#)

Great article, I love it. Keep up with the good work

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