Lewis Hamilton Sings in the Rain at Singapore

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After a disappointing qualifying session on Saturday at Singapore, Lewis Hamilton was being realistic when he said it was damage limitation, as he could not overtake on the twisty circuit. Would he end up losing the championship lead? Read on to find out more.

Lewis Hamilton Sings in the Rain at Singapore.

After claiming back to back wins in Belgium and Italy, Lewis Hamilton arrived in Singapore knowing that his task there would be much harder. The tight twisty track, which does not allow much overtaking is more suited to the Ferraris.

The best he could achieve in qualifying was 5th place, with his team mate Bottas in 6th, another seven tenths slower than him. Lewis explained after that this weekend would be one of damage limitation in an effort to stay within touching distance of the drivers championship, which he currently was leading by 3 points.

Vettel did a blistering qualifying lap, which broke the current record to claim pole, Verstappen was next, then Ricciardo, and Raikenon was 4th. This race looked like it was already won by Ferrari before it had even started.

Then the rain came

The race takes place at night in Singapore because it is so hot during the day, and until this year, it has never rained. But it had been raining all day, and contrary to the weather forecast, it was set to continue when the race started.

When he knew this Lewis, who is known as the rain master, realised he had a much better chance of winning, he is fearless in wet conditions, and his body language before the race was displaying a new confidence.

He had made up his mind to really go for it at the start, knowing how important it was to reach the first corner first. He also made a wise decision, as he kept a straight line at the edge of the grid as he overtook the nextt 3 cars, and drew level with Vettel.

It was just as well that he did this, as there was carnage all around him, and if he had been in the middle of the track, he would have been wiped out and had to suffer a non finish.

Vettel was alarmed to see Verstappen right up with him, so he turned to block him, and did not see Raikenon, who was also up there after a flawless start. His move was very aggressive, and instead of respecting that the track was wet, he made a very dangerous move. Alonso had also had a lightening start, and also became embroiled in the carnage that ensued.

Vettel, Raikenon and Verstappen all came together, and although his car was mortally wounded, Vettel attempted to drive on, and managed a couple of corners , but his car was leaking fluid, he then spun and hit the barrier, damaging his car even more, and he then had to retire it.

Meanwhile Lewis , who had escaped without a single scratch to himself or his car, took up the lead with Ricciardo behind him. He drove confidently, and was quickly over 4 seconds ahead of Ricciardo. Initially Bottas struggled in the wet, and was overtaken, but later when the track dried out, he found the balance of the car, and was able, through other cars pitting, to get himself into third place.

It was a tense race, several retirements led to more safety cars, which meant that every time Lewis built up a lead, it was wiped out. Luckily no drivers were hurt, and the race continued for 2 hours, which is the maximum time permitted.

At the end he turned his engine down, and cruised to victory, Ricciardo had been unable to mount a challenge. Bottas was a very creditable 3rd, and Sainz was 4th. To watch Lewis mastering wet and treacherous conditions, and always leading the way is breathtakingly awesome, one can only marvel at his courage, and feel a little tense about what might happen. But here is a man who actually prefers the challenge of a difficult race, he says winning them is so much sweeter.


Afterwards Lewis was buoyant and happy, as the race he had dreaded had turned out to be one of his finest drives. Ricciardo said he would settle for 2nd, but hoped he could win the race one day. Bottas was delighted to be third, and he now only sits about 22 points behind Vettel in the championship, and will want to beat him.

Vettel , Raikenon and Verstappen were all summoned to the stewards, but no further action was taken, as it was stated that it was very difficult to assess who was truly responsible. Maybe they thought that the loss of points for all of them was punishment indeed.

But fans on the internet felt very differently. After Ferrari tweeted blaming Verstappen, before the stewards had even examined the evidence, a lot of people complained that once again Ferrari were being favoured, as it was widely felt that Vettel was to blame after his aggressive move.

Vettel seems unable to curb his aggression, which has shown itself several times in the past year, which is why he has so many penalty points. If he wants to win the championship he needs to calm down, and drive more carefully.

Lewis seems calm and controlled, and until recently, has been playing catchup all season. He now has a lead of 28 points, and with 6 races yet to be run, the title is still wide open. A retirement or engine reliability could decide this championship, as it did last year. But one things is sure, Lewis will fight like a tiger until the checkered flag at Abu Dhabi to try and win his 4th world championship.
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