Lewis Hamilton came Back in Baku

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This was the fourth race in the season, and after a sizzling start in Australia, where he dominated the race, but then lost to Vettel because of the safety car, Lewis Hamilton knew he needed to win. But with a car that is not the fastest on the grid, how could he do it? Read on to find out more.

Lewis Hamilton came Back in Baku

At the beginning of the season, in Australia, the Mercedes car looked formidable. Lewis Hamilton's pole lap was 6 tenths faster than anyone else, so it was no surprise that he dominated the race effortlessly. But in spite of that, when Vettel pitted under the virtual safety car, a softwaretc glitch amongst the Mercedes team saw him snatch the victory , and Lewis had to be content with second ;place.

At the next race in Bahrain, Lewis was again unlucky, as he had to have a gear box change, which meant he had a 5 place penalty. By then it was clear that the Mercedes was not reacting well with the tyres, and Lewis qualified 4th, which meant he had a starting position of 9th. He did go on to do a good race, climbing up the field, and ending up on the podium in 3rd place, as his pace improved when the tyres warmed up.

But two weeks ago in China, a track he usually dominates at, he could only achieve 4th place, complaining of no grip, and no heat in the tyres. The Ferrari is not only faster, but also it goes well on all tracks with no tyre issues. It became obvious at that point, if Lewis wants to scoop his 5th world championship, he has to work even harder this year, as at this point, Mercedes seem unable to find out what is causing a poor performance from the car.


This last weekend, it was the twisty street track at Baku. It is the only place where up until now, Lewis has not won. Last year was most unfortunate for him, as he was leading the race comfortably, but then his headrest came loose, and was flapping in the air. He had no choice but to come in, and this extra stop meant that he finished up in 5th place.

During practice it was clear that both him and Bottas were struggling for pace once again, 4th and 5th was as high as they could get. Overnight their cars were worked on, and on Saturday, during qualifying, Lewis as always gave it his all, and he managed to get within 2 tenths of Vettel, who claimed pole, and Lewis was 2nd, with Bottas 3rd.

On Raceday

There was a sense of urgency about the fact that so far Mercedes has failed to win the first 3 races, and many people were hoping that Lewis could win from 2nd place. So when the cars lined up there was a feeling of great trepidation. Lewis had Christine Aguilera as his guest behind the scenes, and appeared to be as calm as ever.

When the lights went out, Lewis made a good start, and maintained his 2nd place. It was a very gusty day, and right from the start there were casualties along the way. Raikenon crashed into Ocon, and ended his race, although managed to survive himself. Right from the beginning, the Red Bulls were both dicing for position, and it was no great surprise when they collided, and took each other out.

Once again Lewis complained about lack of pace, although he did put in a couple of fastest laps. Both himself and Vettel had pitted, and Bottas was temporarily leading the race when the safety car was deployed. They went in for fresh tyres, and came out with Bottas still 1st on the same tyres, Vettel 2nd, and Lewis 3rd. The safety car had favoured Bottas, but Lewis had lost out, and slipped to 3rd.

Towards the final part of the race, Vettel made a desperate move to try and overtake Bottas, which failed, and Lewis was able to capitalise on that and get himself up to 2nd. It looked as though it would be a 1st and 2nd for Mercedes, but all of a sudden, Bottas picked up a piece of debris, which immediately punctured his tyre, and he was out.. Lewis was now leading the race, and he went on to win it. Raikenon was 2nd, and Perez 3rd.


Because of his racing instinct, it was clear to see afterwards that Lewis didn't feel he had earned the win because he wasn't the fastest on track. He didn't stand on his car and celebrate, but was more concerned about going to comfort his team mate Bottas, and telling him how amazingly he had driven. Of course later the press were to use that against him to discredit his win, and call him Lucky Lewis. Its a shame they don't have the same attitude in the times when he is unlucky.

This is my opinion for what it's worth. Yesterday it was not about the fastest car, it was about endurance, and keeping calm, where everyone about you is losing their head. Lewis managed to avoid all the chaos around him, and the debris, his skill gave him the win, and he thoroughly earned it. He has had his share of disappointments, many times, and had to take it on the chin. He has now overtaken Vettel in the drivers standings, and is 4 points ahead. Mercedes may not have the best car this year, but they have the best driver in the world, and this might make the difference so they can once again win the world championship.

My thanks to Youtube for the video, and Wikipedia for the images.

Lewis Hamilton was Brave in Bahrain
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