Lewis Hamilton's European Experience

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After back to back wins in Monaco and Canada, Lewis Hamilton's championship defence looked to be back on. How would he fare at the European Grand Prix?

Lewis Hamilton's European Experience

After a series of mechanical failures at the start of the season, Lewis Hamilton took back to back wins in Monaco and Canada, and his confidence in his car was restored. His win in Monaco from third place was remarkable as he held off Ricciardo, who had the fresher tyres for 45 laps of the race. His team mate Rosberg, languished in seventh place, as he does not like driving in wet conditions. Lewis, on the other hand, races in all conditions, and enjoys the challenge.

He had reduced his deficit to Rosberg from 43 points to just 9 in two races, and at the practice sessions this weekend, it was clear to see he was in a class of his own with his advantage over Rosberg seven tenths of a second.

But suddenly overnight, everything changed. On Saturday during the last part of practice, he struggled to beat his team mate, and then during qualifying he made lots of errors because the car didn't seem to respond to him the way it had the previous day.
Because Lewis is very self critical he blamed himself for misjudging corners and bends which the day before he had coped with brilliantly.

I don't blame Lewis, I blame the genie that fiddled with his controls to mess up his qualifying. Nobody who proves just how skilful they are, and how far ahead of the others they are on one day , would be so off it the next.

On Race day

Because of his "errors, " Lewis had to start the race from 10th position, and there was every chance he could come up the field. Although Mercedes insist that the poor starts are not down to Lewis and Rosberg, but a fault they cannot seem to rectify, there was no such problem for Rosberg today, as he pulled away very quickly. How come?

Lewis managed with a lot of hard work to get himself into 5th place, and this is where he finished. None of his fans were surprised that once again his team let him down. his engine was in the wrong mode , so he had no power, and no chance of challenging Rosberg. Lewis could be clearly heard on the radio asking for help, but because of new regulations, it was refused.

Afterwards Lauda said that Rosberg had the same problem, but he managed to find the right button to fix it. But not once did Rosberg radio in for help, and not once during this season has his car failed him in a race.

When Lewis was interviewed he said he didn't touch any buttons, but suddenly at the end of the race, he had power. But of course it was at a time when he could do nothing to challenge anyone.

Lewis fans are very loyal

When Lewis won his second world championship in 2014, he had to really fight for it, as his car had many issues, whereas Rosberg's had none. Last year he ran away with the championship, winning it with three races of the year left to go.

Rosberg won the last 3 races, but many fans believe that Mercedes turned his engine down, just like today, to ensure Rosberg didn't get beaten by Vettel. It is common knowledge that Rosberg is like a whiny child when things don't go his way, and they probably wanted to keep the peace.

So now it is 2016, and Rosberg has been beaten twice, and he is sore about it, but what an easy run for him so far this year, because of reliability issues, Lewis cannot challenge him. But for two races, Lewis's car went well, and he showed everyone just how quickly he could close that gap, and Rosberg started whining again.

A little while ago Mercedes had to issue a statement denying that they were sabotaging Lewis's car, and even Lewis had to post on his Facebook page to re-assure the fans this wasn't true.

But how much can one person suffer from reliability issues in a team whilst their team mate gets off scot free?. If there is something dishonest going on, and I don't know the answer to this myself, then for me I will lose all respect for Formula One Racing. Can Mercedes be trusted to tell the truth? Rosberg only deserves a championship if he can win it on his own merit, and so far this season, we have seen no sign of it. If he does win at the expense of Lewis's bad luck, then it's a very hollow victory, he needs to work for it, like Lewis does.

I am urging Mercedes to be loyal to their world champion, and give him a decent car, because the the heap of unreliability he has at the moment is an insult to his outstanding talent. If the boot was on the other foot, Rosberg would be crying his eyes out, he would not show the dignity that Lewis has. Lewis deserves to be treated like the number one driver he has proved to be.
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author avatar Delicia Powers
21st Jun 2016 (#)

Morning Carol...I do not know much about racing, but have enjoyed reading your reports...and now cannot but help also cheer Lewis onward ...!

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22nd Jun 2016 (#)

Good morning Delicia. I hope you are well. As a writer, if there is an injustice, I like to share it with others, and in this case, it sticks out like a sore thumb!

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