Lewis Hamilton's Spanish Disaster

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What an unlucky start to the season for Lewis Hamilton, the defending world champion, with such reliability problems . Could he remedy the situation in Spain. ? Read on to find out more.

Lewis Hamilton's Spanish Disaster

Nobody can deny that this year so far has been an unlucky one for Lewis Hamilton. He has been dogged by unreliability problems with his car, but has still kept calm and focused. The Press have referred to him as " a poor starter,", but Mercedes have admitted that the fault is in the car somewhere, not Lewis, and they cannot seem to find the cause of it.

Many of his fans have been dismayed about this, myself included, as his team mate's car seems to have none of these problems, some fans have even gone as far as to suggest there are conspiracy theories to allow the petulant Rosberg to win, as he is well know for his complaining and whinging, he behaves like a spoiled child.

If you think this statement is harsh, and that I am only saying is because I am a fan of Lewis, I would just like to explain why I have formed the opinion that I have about Rosberg.

The Story so far this year

Lewis started 2016 with pole position for the Australian Grand Prix. A poor start allowed Rosberg to pass him, his aggression was clear to see as he pushed Lewis off the track, resulting in Lewis being in ninth position. However he fought his way up the field, finishing second to Rosberg.

Lewis did not complain about Rosberg's action, to him it was just racing, and when he was hit by Bottas in Bahrain, causing such damage that his car lost performance all through the race, he said after that Bottas did not need to apologise to him, that is what racing is all about. This to me showed a fair mindedness and maturity from our current world champion, that not every driver has.

Lewis became Rosberg's team mate in 2013 , and at the time I was pleased for them both, as I understood them to be childhood friends. When 2014 started Lewis had to retire from the very first race, and he spent most of that season catching up Rosberg through sheer bad luck, whereas Rosberg's car seemed to be bullet proof. I am proud to say that he fought and won that championship against all the odds, but it was during that year my opinion of Rosberg was formed, and to date, he has done nothing good to change my opinion of him.

Firstly there was the sulking when Lewis was asked to move over for him because he was on a different strategy. Lewis stuck to h is guns, and said he would only move over if Rosberg came within the one second window, and he was later backed by Toto Woolff, who said that sometimes those sort of rules do not make sense. Lewis had already fought his way up the field to be there.

But Rosberg nursed a huge chip on his shoulder, as he knows he can only win if he drives from the front, or if he takes someone out, and therefore he doesn't want to fight, he prefers his team mate to move over.

In Monaco where pole is everything for a win, Rosberg went down the emergency run off, saying his brakes had locked, which prevented Lewis completing his flying lap, which would have given him pole position. That was purely and simply cheating, and I despise a cheat.

And at the Belgian Grand Prix, he deliberately hit him and took him out, boasting later that he had done it to prove a point. It did cause an outrage at the time, but I felt for Lewis, tough racer that he is, he felt hurt and let down by someone he thought he could trust. Could anyone have a worse team mate than that? I doubt it.

Last Year

Lewis was on fire last year, and he won his third world championship as early as four races before the season ended. Rosberg could not match him at qualifying, and many times he displayed what a whinger he is, and what a bad loser.

After the Chinese Grand Prix, he embarrassed himself greatly at the drivers conference by complaining that Lewis was driving too slowly, and left him in danger of being overtaken by Vettel. Lewis was amused by this, as I was too, surely if Lewis was driving too slowly, Rosberg could have overtaken him, but he made no attempt to, and then blamed Lewis for his own poor driving.

Then there was the Capgate affair, when he threw his hat at Lewis because he was only second. He refused to celebrate with the champagne on the podium when Lewis became world champion, and he spent the rest of the season whinging because Lewis, he said was too aggressive at the first corner. Why does he think he can be attacking, but Lewis can't? Does he think he is God?

The Crash in 2016

At Barcelona, Lewis got his third pole position of the year, and he was set to win his first race of the season. His team had worked hard on the car to make the balance perfect, and Lewis felt confident of giving a good fight.

They both got a good start, Rosberg was marginally better, and he passed Lewis on the first corner, this was because lewis was cautious on his brakes, and gave him enough space to get round. Further on in that lap, Lewis spotted that Rosberg had slowed right down, and he had the pace, there was a gap, and like a true racing driver does, he went for it.

Rosberg did the only thing that would stop Lewis from winning this race, he did a repetition of Spa 2014, knocked him with such force off the track, that Lewis spun round, and crashedinto him, taking him off as well. At least Rosberg got his just desserts, in that he could not finish the race, as he had figured with Lewis only out, the race would be his.

In their interviews afterwards, Rosberg's guilt was clear, even though he blamed Lewis, he said he thought he wouldn't have done that move, well if you are a racing driver you race, what a stupid statement! Lewis on the other hand was dignified, and more concerned about letting his team down.

Later we hear that Rosberg's engine was in the wrong mode, and his attention was on fiddling with the controls, and the move he made to block Lewis was extremely dangerous, and could have resulted in serious injury or even death for him. But does Rosberg care, not a bit, he wants to win this championship by any means fair or foul, and for me his attitude this year makes the whole thing stinks.

Nikki Lauda

I was very angry that Lauda gave fodder to the newspapers by prejudging the situation And publicly blaming Lewis. His gross favourtism of Rosberg put the whole of the Mercedes team into disrepute. I presume he has been blasted over this, as he is now keeping quiet, saying the matter is over. I think Rosberg and Lauda should both apologise to Lewis, Lauda for prejudging him, and Rosberg for causing the collision, and putting him in danger.

In an ideal world, Woolf would suspend Rosberg for the rest of the year from competing, as a punishment for shunting Lewis off the track twice, but he will get away with it. I hear his father has some sort of connnection with the stewards, and this is why he never gets any penalties for any of his misdemeanours.

I will always support Lewis, he is a thrilling driver, but he is also fair and honest, his team mate has let him down badly so many times, I truly hope they will not be together next season for Lewis's sake. I am delighted to see David Coulthard come out in support of him, as he truly deserves, but very disappointed in Sir Jackie Stewart's remarks, which were completely biased, and to say Rosberg did nothing wrong shows just how out of touch he is with modern racing. Please read the link to David's views, it makes good reading. Rosberg was not paying proper attention. Later Stewards decided not to penalise either driver.

As a Foot note

Whilst I think it's great that Max Verstappen won his first Grand prix at the tender age of 18, I don't like the way Kivviat was dropped from Red Bull just to please Vettel, who did admit the second coming together was his fault because he looked down to see if he had a puncture.

Neither did I like to see Danny Ricciardo deprived of a win by changing his strategy. No wonder he feels bitter and upset. I hope he doesn't get passed over for the new kid this year. Horner is only happy when his team are winning, as was proved after Vettel stopped dominating the championships. I fear there is a lot of injustice in Formula One at the moment. I also feel if Rosberg wins the championship this year, he will be booed, and Mercedes team will lose all credibility

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
19th May 2016 (#)

Good morning dear Carol.
Sadly , in such a competitive sport such as racing the stakes are often so high both financially and with the prestige involved, that , for some , when they get behind the wheel friendships get left behind with each lap taken ...
Sadly that seems to be the case here ....albeit one sided.
Thank you for filling us in with the latest news of Hamilton , and I pray he will do well in future races .
Many blessings to you my friend
Stella ><

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author avatar Carol
19th May 2016 (#)

Thank you for reading it Stella, you are right in what you say, and I hope God will be with Lewis during this year.

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author avatar Mariah
21st May 2016 (#)

Excellent review as always Carol,
you are the best PR Lewis wish for, and as Stella says, here's to his future success.

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author avatar Carol
21st May 2016 (#)

Thanks for reading Mariah

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
29th May 2016 (#)


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author avatar Carol
30th May 2016 (#)

Thanks for visiting my page Saigon

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