Lewis Hamilton was Mighty in Monza

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After a victory in Spa two weeks ago, and a dominant qualifying session on Saturday, could Lewis Hamilton convert his pole position to a win? Read on to find out more.

Lewis Hamilton was Mighty in Monza

After dominating all 3 practices, Lewis Hamilton carried on his present form to claim pole position on Saturday for the Italian Grand Prix. Both himself and Rosberg had new engines, but unfortunately for him, Rosberg's engine developed a fault so he had to qualify on the engine he had used at Spa. This proved difficult for him, as he only qualified fourth, behind the Ferrari cars, which had upgrades, and in qualifying, were only a quarter of a second behind Lewis.

Lewis spoke afterwards about what a tough battle it would be with Ferrari, but one that he would relish. Everything depended on a good start, as they were both right behind him.

Rosberg said he hoped to get past the Ferrari's and challenge Lewis, and as usual Lewis said very little, he never makes predictions, although all the commentators were very excited about the new improved Ferrari, which would mount quite a challenge to him.

The Start

Lewis got a good start, as did Vettel and Massa, unfortunately for Rosberg, Raikennon's car would not start, which held him up as he was behind him, and this pushed him back into sixth place, and Raikennon ended up at the back of the grid.

The race was led by Lewis all the way, and he was never under threat from anyone, when he finished he was some 25 seconds clear. However he was quite mystified during the race when his team asked him to up his speed and they would explain all later. Lewis was a bit nervous about pushing his car at the end of the race, but did as he was asked. He found out later, that there was some discrepancy about his tyre pressures, and so making him go faster was just in case he incurred a time penalty.

However after looking at the evidence, no further action was taken as the stewards decided that Mercedes had complied with the regulations.

Rosberg truly suffered from having an old engine,as although he caught up during pit stops to get to third place, on lap 51 his engine caught fire, so he had to withdraw from the race.

Vettel claimed second place, and Massa was third, one has to feel sorry for Rosberg as the whole weekend was a bad one for him. This leaves him 53 points behind Lewis in the championship, and edges Vettel even closer to him.


It was a nail biting time for Lewis afterwards, until he heard the stewards decision. Monza is one of his favourite race tracks, and the rumours that it may be dropped from the calendar to make way for another venue, are disappointing, as several of the drivers said afterwards when interviewed.

When the results came through Toto Wolff explained that they were always very careful to follow the rules, and the evidence had proved that. Lewis felt jubilant for yet another race win, as he edges further towards his third world championship.

As a fan I am aware that mistakes can be made, and a non finish is always a possibility. Last year Lewis fought from behind the whole season to scoop the championship, so far this year, things have gone his way. I know he has the ability, so am hoping his car remains as reliable as it is at the moment, and his starts continue to keep him leading the field.
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Lewis Hamilton was Spa-tacular in Belgium
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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
10th Sep 2015 (#)

Maybe hes going for another championship my dear Carol, cheers! Still remember Aytron Senna!

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author avatar Carol
10th Sep 2015 (#)

He is Fern, and I hope he makes it.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
22nd Oct 2015 (#)

Lewis is almost there and he is a cool cat to let things slip away after reaching this stage, thanks Carol - siva

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author avatar Carol
23rd Oct 2015 (#)

Yes Siva, fingers crossed.

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