Lewis Hamilton was a Superstar in Spain

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After a very tight qualifying in Spain, Lewis Hamilton pipped Bottas to claim pole position, and Vettel was third. Could he convert it to a win against rivals who were so close ? Read on to find out more.

Lewis Hamilton was a Superstar in Spain

Two weeks ago when Lewis Hamilton won his first race of the season, he felt that his team mate Bottas deserved it more, as Bottas had suffered a puncture whilst leading. The Mercedes car was not working with the tyres, as Lewis is finding it really hard to get heat into them. The British Press have used this as a way of suggesting that he has lost his mojo, and have forecast that he will not win his 5th title this year.

In contrast they are backing Vettel and Ferrari to be world champions this year. Vettel's Ferrari is undoubtedly the fastest car, and his tyres appear to work well everywhere, but this was the case last year, and yet Lewis still managed to stay calm and win, so I think its a bit early for the Press and the bookies to make their prophecies, as he has a habit of proving them wrong.

During the practice sessions Mercedes looked to be well on the pace, and hope sprang eternal inside all the Lewis fans that he might get a good result this weekend. Ferrari did not look comfortable, but they usually hide their speed until qualifying by sandbagging.

Qualifying day

On Saturday, Suddenly Ferrari were up there again, and Lewis and Bottas were languishing in fifth and sixth at one point during the early part of qualifying. We should now be used to their sandbagging, they always hide their speed. The Red Bulls were also fast, so it wasn't looking promising for Mercedes until Q3.

Suddenly Lewis produced a lap in the 1min 16s, and he was provisionally on pole. Bottas came back with another fast lap, as did Vettel, but Lewis on his second run improved again to a low 1.16, only just pipping Bottas to pole with Vettel 3rd.

He declared himself pleased to be on pole afterwards, the first time since Australia this year, albeit by a small margin, and said how nice to start the race with no-one in front of you. This is because the Mercedes needs clean air to perform properly.

Mercedes were delighted to have both drivers on the front row, and hoped it would remain that way for the race. Vettel said starting 3rd still gave him the chance to win, and that he had expected Mercedes to be strong at this track, although earlier in the week, he had stated that he was sure he could get pole and win in Spain

Lewis was honest as usual, he didn't know what to expect on race day, but said he would put everything he had into trying to win this race. He prefers to let his driving do the talking for him.

Race Day

Lewis made a good start, but so did Vettel when he overtook Bottas to claim 2nd place. That is not what Mercedes wanted at all. During the first lap Grosjean crashed and spun taking 3 other drivers out with him. Luckily no-one was hurt, although the stewards decided later he should have a 3 place penalty at the next race, and points on his licence.

It was clear from the beginning that Lewis had great pace, the tyres were finally working for him. He pulled away rapidly, until the safety car was deployed, and again on the restart, he was gone, nobody could match his pace.

Sadly for Raikenon, engine failure ended his race, but Vettel was still up in 2nd place, although a long way from Lewis. His tyres were not working, and he had to come in for a pit stop on lap 17. Then Bottas came in, Mercedes were hoping to do an undercut, but it didn't work, and Bottas remained in 3rd.

Lewis drove on, his tyres were perfect, and he didn't make his stop until much later, about lap 25. This brought him out behind Verstappen, and he caught him up considerably, before Verstappen then went in for his pit stop This gave Lewis free air again to extend his lead even more.

Another incident occurred which brought the virtual safety car into play, and because his tyres were absolutely finished, Vettel went in for a tyre change, but Lewis and Bottas stayed out. Because of this, Vettel lost track position, and came out behind Verstappen. This gave 2nd place back to Bottas. There was a bit of concern about his tyres, but he opted to try and finish the race on them.

Luckily it worked. Lewis came home over 20 seconds ahead of his team mate, and Verstappen, who had a wounded car took the 3rd podium spot, after nursing his car home, and fending off Vettel. He had hit another car during the safety car period. Ricciardo was a distant 5th.

Vettel was 4th, after his 2 wins at the beginning of the season, the last 3 races have seen him unable to get on the podium. This now makes him 17 points behind Lewis in the driver standings. Lewis may not have the fastest car most of the time, but he carefully avoids any incidences around him and keeps a cool head, which is what helped him to win in Baku. He doesn't take unnecessary risks, and is very aware that a non finish would be disastrous.

I am putting my faith in Lewis to win again in 2018, Ferrari have the fastest car, but they don't have Lewis, the best driver, his calmness helps him to avoid mistakes, and that is his strength. Whichever way it goes, we have 3 cars up there, fighting for the championship, so what an up and down season it will be. My congratulations go to Lewis for a race where he destroyed everyone around him, totally dominating it! I know the next one at Monaco will be tough for them, but I am sure this booster will encourage Mercedes to try and get on top of their tyre issues, and understand the car more.
My thanks to Wikipedia for the images, and Youtube for the video.

Lewis Hamilton came Back in Baku
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