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You are the truth and the dream.You are the river, and thirst.You are the restlessness of my heart, also the comfort.Wherever I go, I find you there. Whether you are with me or not, you are always in front of me. You're my soul mate.You're my companion.
You're my friend. Come, by taking you in my arms, I will make you more closer to me
When you are apart, I feel every moment strange. There can be no one in this world luckier than me. Because you gave me your heart,

Deep Love

where r u going stealing my heart and sleep! I have become mad i am head over heals in love. oh! this affection of heart! I am taking away u r heart but i dont know where i am headed. U r my destination and i on way to u r lane. if i tell u what my heart says would u look into my eyes if i this this restlessness increases would u escape from my Damon. It is not possible to manage without you. Even if we meet, we are far. There is no distances, no closeness. If it is my destiny to be far from you. If loneliness is my association. Then see, I am far from you. Angry from me. Now I'll never meet you. I used to burn in the sun just like this. I used to wander from here to there.
You met me, it was the shadow of love.I was under the shelter for sometime. Please come back to me. I am the closest to you.I am in your heart. I am in your breath. Its me and only me in your heartbeats. I don't feel the time pass by. Since I met you, I am not aware of anything else. The shadow of your rich eyelashes is beautiful. As that shadow is on me, I'm not afraid of sun. I won't breath without you. I won't live without you. I can't bear even a single moment without you.


Live, Love

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I am simple person and always try to live simple life. Must be think be positive.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
24th Jun 2014 (#)

Strong feelings indeed - siva

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