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Talk show with bizarre stories and even more bizarre guests

Falling chairs and laughter

Dr Phil, you say? Oprah? No way. Jerry Springer is where the real psychological madness goes on and guests can express themselves and their true nature surfaces. We all have it in us to misbehave in public, but we choose to keep certain aspects of our lives private. I used to hate the show and all its trappings, especially the host, Jerry where people cheered and chanted Jerry! Jerry! when he came on stage and showed us what a genius he really is. He is not pretentious about the show. He knows what the show represents and what others say about it, and he has a laugh at all of us with our reserved views. Not even Oprah or Dr Phil has his wit. He has a dry sense of humor and the show is worth watching just for the jibes. Still, the Jerry Springer show is not all fighting bodies and falling chairs, but provides a real platform for people with problems who would not be ordinarily heard.

A bizarre hour of madness

When a guest or a contestant enters the studio he knows what he is there for. He wants action, bizarre stories and even more bizarre behavior. He has no control over himself once he enters the Springer arena. There are the good-looking bodyguards, the drunk Reverend who performs wedding nuptials and couples who actually take the whole thing seriously. They tell their stories to greedy viewers who wait anxiously for the first punch. The show allows them to behave at their worst – throwing pudding at a contestant, fighting on the floor like animals, telling the most bizarre stories in their life and sharing them with the world. At a Jerry Springer show you can bear your breasts for cheap beads, drop your drawers and show your bum to the audience. Yet… we watch on. We laugh. We hold our breaths. We disguise our disgust. It is television at its most bizarre and disgusting. Fat women with big bellies will go on the pole while Jerry walks slowly up and down the aisles knowing that this madness only lasts for an hour and he can go home to his fancy dwelling.

My sister stole my man

Still, in Jerry’s favor, outrageous as it may seem, he helps people. The outraged guest who is there to accost her sister as to why she stole her man, is there to get some revenge. She can let it out with punches and pulling hair even if her dress is torn and she is standing in her underwear. Jerry is not a stupid presenter, he is an acute businessman and every day laughs all the way to the bank. Terrible as this is going to sound, watching the show does provide relief and you can be thankful to return to your own home where you can be human once again. Jerry’s wrap-up at the end when he becomes serious and delivers a few poignant words shows he understands the true nature of man. All he is doing is provide an arena where for an hour they can be true to themselves. Jerry! Jerry!



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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
17th Apr 2012 (#)

well am not a tV fan but like so much to read your pages...thank you..

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author avatar RaydaJ
18th Apr 2012 (#)

I'm just so fascinated by human nature and Jerry's show is just so bizarre. I'm glad to be me when I'm finished watching. Thanks for comment.

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