Military Inspired Outerwear A Runway Salute for 2012

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Military Coats and Jackets Take a Fashion Stance Worldwide

Browns and Greens Transformed Into Eye Catching Styles

Coats and jackets are making bold statements this year with military inspired outerwear. Many styles are conceived from older styles worn by those working in the armed forces many years ago. For women, more green is used in fabric and may or may not be camouflage in pattern. Some jackets fall at the natural waist just below the ribs and are adorned with straps of fabric for a belt closure. Other pieces of fabric are added to outline the many pockets, as would be seen in cargo pants or a military jacket that accommodates many different functions. The pockets range in size and are placed even on the sleeves which makes these jackets interesting to the eye and really useful as well.

The standard raincoat has really been resurrected this year by taking a simple trench and adding more embellishments to tie in the military influence. Often seen are many shiny buttons of varying sizes to add just enough focus to make both formal garments as well as styles anyone would have in their closet. Both shin length and below knee length coats are being worn for both evening and day wear. Some are simple black, brown, grays, a combination of colors, and others are more casual and also offer camouflage fabric. All have interesting closures and buttons.

As one would probably expect, boots are a huge part of this look. Black ankle and shin boots are a big staple piece worn with skinny jeans, leggings, and tights. They are also being paired with both long and short skirts and dresses. Mid and thigh high boots are being cast into the mix as well. These can make for deliberate drama. It just depends on how you feel and where you are going, because the sky is the limit!

Mens Military Fashion Retro Meets Now

Men are definitely enthusiastic about military style trends for them as well, as seen recently at fashion shows around the world. Some of the most popular "street" styles for men are uniform-like jackets and coats designed with reflections from retro attire worn by armed forces personnel. Although some colors are typical that you would expect, the detail of design adds to the interest of these pieces, as buttons, stripes, and other unusual seams, etc. have updated the whole look and make them contemporary. The 2012 men's looks appear to be a glance back into historical events spanning many, many years. Fabric choices are more comfortable than before and easier to wear. These designs are meant to be worn for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons this year and next and we all know that comfort is just as important as simply looking good. These styles for men offer many uses, as one could easily head to the office, go shopping or take the day off and go on a little holiday. Scarves, shoes, boots, and other accessories complete this engaging look.

Create Your Own Military Inspired Collection

You may have some old jackets, slacks, or other items in your closet you have not worn for ages. What are you going to do with them? Before you let them go, consider making your own fashions influenced by designers or some of the fashion shows you may have seen this year. I would recommend going to a consignment shop or a place that sells retro or used clothes. From there, you can become a designer. Use old buttons, jewelry, and pins to make patches, add to an existing coat or remove all the original items and play with some retro notions you may have. Go to a craft store. There are all kinds of costume jewelry pieces you can use. Even sequins work wonders sometimes, depending on how Hollywood you want to go. Sew strips of fabric or even glue them to hems, cuffs, and collars. There is so much fun you can have with this. This works well for me not only because I am on a budget. I believe there is a fashion designer in all of us. A lot of us just don't know it.


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Nice and original!

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Next year, they will all be wearing Kevlar vests and carrying automatic weapons ...

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