Nude Paoli Dam in Chatrak made Bengali film modern.

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The article speaks about the performance of bengali actress Paoli Dam in the film Chatrak.

Paoli Dam in Chatrak was brave.

Nude Paoli Dam in the film Chatrak made Bengali film modern. She gave an interview before journalist Goutam Bhattacharya in newspaper Anandabazar Patrika on 17th September, 2011.

Paoli Dam had acted in the film Chatrak and acted in a scene relating to sexual intercourse for four minutes. None of the Bengali actresses had done that before. In that respect Paoli Dam had been considered very undaunted in her professional attitude.

Paoli Dam had previously acted in good films like Kalbela, Moner Manush, Sab Charitra Kalponik, etc. As an actress she had remained an acclaimed actress.

Paoli Dam said there was nothing raw in doing a scene of sexual intercourse in a film.

When she was asked about the nude scene, she said that great directors of the world like Fredericko Fellini, Bergman and others had shown nudity in their films. The films yet always had been considered to be epic films.

She considered herself to be a much better actress than Mallika Sherawat and Rakhi Sawant. So her performance will be remembered than a respective scene in the film Chatrak. Goutam Bhattacharya had said there are viewers who instead of seeing the entire film had wanted only the clipping of the bedroom scene in U Tube. Paoli Dam answered that whatever she had done, she did it due to the insistence of the director and the requirement of the story.

In future Paoli Dam should concentrate on good performances and not get type –cast.


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author avatar Souvik
6th Oct 2011 (#)

Paoli Dam had previously proved herself as actress in films like Moner Manush, Sab Charitra Kalponik.
Souvik Chatterji.

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author avatar boby
7th Oct 2011 (#)

why in the earth people still stumble with the stereotypic taboos of the society? In this world of liberal professionalism, why one should be guided by others guideline? Paouli collided the harsh fate when so called intellects after seeing the explicit scene; obviously illegally Procured: started giving their unwelcome repulsive statements in media to show thier nobility as if they have taken the contract of modesty Saviour. If they are really bothered why they are not against monica belluci, sharon, stone, salma hayak who have shown enough nudity in International filmfraternity. If Paoli has no problems enacting such scenes who are those to poke their nose. why we indians still dont understand the dirtiness rests in our mind. In a second in your imagination you can strip any lady and if u want u can sustain ur humbleness amongst lots of nude angel. lets start thinking

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author avatar Srijat
11th Oct 2011 (#)

U r rite boby.Why do people have problem I really dn't understand.Its her choice.Evrything is right when it comes to men,n evrythng wrong when it comes to women.Indians are hypocrite.They watch porn movies at night,enjoy others MMS,rape women bt shout at others for no reason.

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author avatar Vikramadiya bose
21st Apr 2012 (#)

we are the men who post wise words and support nudity and liberality of open eroticity in movies but when it comes to real life we are the who cant resist our wives or lovers in other mens arm even if we fall for every second sexy girl we meet....this is the hidden lusty hungry mind which we mask often in the name of openness and broad mentality

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author avatar Souvik
8th Oct 2011 (#)

Dear Bobyji,
Thanks a lot for your thoughtful comments.
Warm regards,
Souvik Chatterji.

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author avatar Souvik
11th Oct 2011 (#)

Dear Srijatji
Thanks a lot for your patient reading and thoughtful comments.
Souvik Chatterji.

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author avatar Indraneel
1st Nov 2011 (#)

Paoli Dam's nude scene in Chatrak is one of explicit cunnilingus (licking the vagina). Paoli lies completely naked on the bed while Anubrata gives her orgasmic pleasure by continuously kissing and licking her sweet naked vagina.
Although the scene is very explicit, it has been directed, shot and acted out very aesthetically. I shall call it the most beautiful erotic scene in the history of Bengali and Indian cinema.
Kudos to the bold and beautiful Paoli for doing this wonderful nude scene. It has set a milestone in erotica in Indian films and we should all be proud of Paoli for that.
I wish all the best for Paoli's career and wish to see her beautiful naked figure again in many more such beautiful and erotic scenes in the future.

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author avatar Vipin
24th Nov 2011 (#)

gr8 stuff

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author avatar Agni
27th Feb 2012 (#)

when u hv a life wd an extraordinary personality n daring skills ..... thn y dn't to show 'em ... wat paoli hd dne z dt all her decision one z allowed to poke his/her fingers in it .....n i agree wd u srijat...

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author avatar Sujit
4th Mar 2012 (#)

paoli tumi hoyto oneker mote bangla cinemate ek biplob ene diyecho kintu paoli to
mar cinema ta rater andhoka chupi chupi dekhte hoy ma,baba,vai ,bon, santander k niye dekha jay na.tobe kiser biplob .amar mone hoy jodi tumi bangala cinemar jonno kichu korte cho tobe nijer vetorer ovinoy ta ke sokoler samne tule dhoro nijer unmukto sarir k na.

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author avatar Srijat
21st Mar 2012 (#)

Priyo sujit babu apnake ke boleche sab cinema ma,baba,bhai,bon,santander niye eksathe bose joutho uddoge dekhte habe?Sab cinema ki eksathe bose dekhar janye?Apni ki kamasutrer boi kinle barir sabar sathe bose parben?Prem karle ba kiss karle ki ma,baba,bhai,bonder samne karben?Naki bouke 'bises muhurte' ador karle setao ma,baba,bhai,bonder samne eksathe bose theke karben?Tahole cinema ki dosh karlo?Jadi sishuder,kishor der,hasir,premer cinema hoy to prapto bayoskader ki cinema hawata aswahabhik?Naki eta shudhui nyakami,asole apnader mato lokder dekhte bes bhaloi lage,ar tarpar samalochana na karle boner ranna kara ar mayer hate kare khaiye dewa bhat hajam e hoyna!!!!

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author avatar Souvik
22nd Apr 2012 (#)

As far as Paoli Dam's acting is concerned she had acted in the 2012 released film Hate Story directed by Vivek Agnihotri. Time will tell whether she had bolstered her acting in the long run which is the benchmark for sustaining in the film industry.
Souvik Chatterji.

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